Stock Footage Bin: Anna Maria Mussolini / Wedding / Italy / 1960

1 Matches of 1 stock shots   |   Stock Video Details: Recording format: 16mm   |  Aspect ratio: 4:3   |  Recorded: 1960   |  Price class 3

# 277-983-237 – Anna Maria Mussolini / Wedding / Italy / 1960

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Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe,  Basilica (Church),  Church,  Sacred Structure,  Structure (Architecture),  Anna Maria Mussolini,  People,  Nando Pucci,  Journalist,  Ravenna,  Emilia-Romagna,  Italy,  Europe (Continent),  Robe,  Working Clothes,  Clothes,  Wedding Dress,  Dress,  Bridal Couple,  Wedding (Marriage),  Religious Festival,  Festival (Feast),  Groom,  Bride,  Priest,  Ecclesiastic,  Religion,  Ceremonial Clothing,  Formal Wear,  Film Camera,  Camera,  Cameraman,  Getting in,  Commitment (Relationship),  Relation,  Christian,  Photographic Camera,  Reporter,  Photoflash,  Photographing,  Celebrity,  Believer,  Si gira!,  Vintage Car,  Christianity,  World Religion,  Car,  Woman,  Building (Edifice),  Historic Material,  Man (Human),  City,  Adult,  Day,  Stock Footage,  Newscast, 

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