Stock Footage Bin: Smog / Los Angeles / USA / 1954-1956

1 Matches of 1 stock shots   |   Stock Video Details: Recording format: 16mm   |  Aspect ratio: 4:3   |  Recorded: 1954 - 1956   |  Price class 3

# 586-700-058 – Smog / Los Angeles / USA / 1954-1956

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1954 - 1956
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24.10.1954,  Environmental Technology,  Gas Mask,  Respirator Mask,  Protective Mask,  Mask (Object),  Almanac,  Historic Material,  Development,  High Tech,  Barrier,  Car Industry,  Vehicle Industry,  Industry,  Smog,  Air Pollution,  Environmental Pollution,  Highway (USA),  Street,  Title (Film),  Film,  Los Angeles,  Southern California,  California,  Southwest,  USA,  North America,  America,  Police,  Institution,  Policeman,  Scientist,  Academic (Scientist),  Motorbike,  Skyscraper,  High-rise,  Building (Edifice),  Structure (Architecture),  City Traffic,  Road Traffic,  Traffic,  City View,  City,  Working,  Car,  Driving (Procedure),  Moving (Motion),  Large City,  Woman,  People,  Group of People,  Group,  Man (Human),  Adult,  Day,  Stock Footage, 

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