Stock Footage Bin: Underground Railway / New York City / USA / 1904-1955

1 Matches of 1 stock shots   |   Stock Video Details: Recording format: 16mm   |  Aspect ratio: 4:3   |  Recorded: 1904 - 1955   |  Price class 3

# 751-439-298 – Underground Railway / New York City / USA / 1904-1955

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1904 - 1955
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27.10.1904,  Turnstile,  New York City Subway,  Underground Railway,  Ticket,  Shoving,  Almanac,  Historic Material,  Underground Platform,  Railway Platform,  Railway Facility,  Paying,  Spending (Money),  Escalator,  Stairway,  Queue,  Cueing,  Stop (Infrastructure),  Rush Hour,  Title (Film),  Film,  Work Trip,  Patience,  Construction Worker,  Worker (Human),  Moscow,  Central Federal District,  Russia (Europe),  Europe (Continent),  Policeman,  Waiting,  Public Transport,  Traffic,  Building Site,  Row,  Rail Vehicle,  Paris (France),  Ile-de-France,  France,  Western Europe,  New York City,  New York State,  East Coast (USA),  USA,  North America,  America,  Pedestrian,  People,  Crowd,  Group of People,  Group,  Metropolis (City),  Large City,  City,  Working,  Capital City,  Walking,  Moving (Motion),  Woman,  Man (Human),  Adult,  Day,  Stock Footage, 

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