Stock Footage Bin: Theatre Performance / Germany / 1948

1 Matches of 1 stock shots   |   Stock Video Details: Recording format: 35mm   |  Aspect ratio: 4:3 pillarbox   |  Recorded: 1948   |  Price class 3

# 951-710-422 – Theatre Performance / Germany / 1948

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4:3 pillarbox
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Mourning Becomes Electra,  Theatre Performance,  Theatre,  Theatre Première,  Première,  Konzerthaus Berlin,  Concert Hall,  Cultural Building,  Structure (Architecture),  Scenery (Theatre),  View From Stage,  Karl Friedrich Schinkel,  Bowing,  Curtain,  Time of Occupation,  Poster,  Public Building,  Building (Edifice),  Stage (Performance),  Postwar Period,  War Damage,  Damaged,  Applauding,  Clapping,  Frankfurt am Main,  Hessen,  Germany,  Europe (Continent),  Actor,  Spectating,  Looking,  Ruin,  Audience (People),  Group of People,  Group,  Large City,  City,  Historic Material,  Day,  People,  Stock Footage, 

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