Stock Footage Bin: Adolescent / Friendship / Lying

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# 281-432-035 – Adolescent / Friendship / Lying

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Other HD 1080
Oct 1, 2009 - Oct 31, 2009
Clasped Hands,  Evening of comradeship,  Event,  Closeness,  Tieing,  Solidarity (Unity),  16-17 Years,  People,  Divided,  Holding Hands,  Carpet,  Vitality,  18-19 Years,  Short-haired,  Hairstyle,  Hair (Human),  Body Part,  Body,  Enthusiasm,  American,  Nationality,  Affection (Kindly Feeling),  Living Room,  Living Space,  Spectating,  Looking,  Care,  Friend,  Long-haired,  Friendship,  Freshness,  Home (At Home),  Beauty,  Blond,  Hair Color,  Young,  Lying,  Relaxing,  Adolescent,  Togetherness,  Face,  Brown-Haired,  Dark-haired,  Hand,  Boy,  Girl,  Fair-Skinned,  Skin Coulour,  Joy,  Smiling,  House,  Building (Edifice),  Structure (Architecture),  Staging (Film),  Woman,  Group of People,  Group,  Man (Human),  Adult,  Stock Footage,  Shot Outside the US, 

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