Stock Footage Bin: Seniors / Nurse / Antwerp / 1944

1 Matches of 1 stock shots   |   Stock Video Details: Recording format: 35mm   |  Aspect ratio: 4:3   |  Recorded: 1944   |  Price class 3

# 613-531-827 – Seniors / Nurse / Antwerp / 1944

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Hubert Pierlot,  Politician,  Politics,  Short Stirling,  Bomber,  Warplane,  Military Aircraft,  Aeroplane,  Aircraft,  Bren Machine-gun,  Machine Gun,  Rifle,  Firearm,  Weapon,  Collaborator,  People,  Municipal buildings,  Building (Edifice),  Structure (Architecture),  Herbalists,  Air force officers,  Officer,  Military Personnel,  Army (Military),  Field Artillery,  Artillery (Weapon),  Bernard Montgomery,  General,  Le Havre,  Seine-Maritime,  Haute-Normandie,  Normandy (France),  France,  Western Europe,  Europe (Continent),  Pontoon Bridge,  Bridge (Architecture),  Bridge Construction,  Transportation of Troops,  Transport,  Lyon,  Rhône-Alpes,  Antwerp (City),  Province Antwerp,  Flanders,  Belgium,  Benelux,  Armoured Vehicle,  Brit,  European,  Nationality,  British Army,  Army (Ground Forces),  Infirmary,  Hospital,  Medicine,  War Victim,  Victim,  American Army,  Wreath,  Stretcher,  French Military,  Prisoner of War,  Prisoner,  Engineer,  Track Vehicle,  Brussels,  Brussels Capital-Region,  Liberation,  Decoration (Adornment),  British Soldier,  Soldier,  Civilian,  British Military,  French,  Nonverbal Communication,  Communicating,  Balcony,  Nurse,  Caregiver,  Medical Staff,  Medical Profession,  Ceremony,  Fire (Blaze),  Fire (Flame),  Hand Sign,  Figure (Sign),  Equipment,  Bomb Damage,  Tank (Military),  Military Plane,  Air Sports,  German,  Allied Soldier,  Warfare,  War,  Conflict,  Political Event,  War Damage,  Damaged,  Building (Constructing),  Shooting (Weapon),  Armed,  Old,  Railway Station,  Organization (Association),  Troop,  Military Unit,  Historic Event,  Historic Material,  Canal,  Body of Water,  Road Bridge,  Seniors,  American Military,  Religious Life,  Religion,  Smoke,  Second World War,  Harbor,  Crowd,  Group of People,  Group,  Car,  Capital City,  Street,  Large City,  City,  Man (Human),  Adult,  Stock Footage,  Technical Architecture, 

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