Amore per lo Sport, Emilio De Martino, Giuseppe Prisco, Busto Arsizio, Giuseppe Ambrosini, Award Ceremony, Congratulating, Reporter, Applauding, Journalist, Speech, Handshake, Embracing, Si gira!, Audience (People), Historical Footage, Man (Human), Adult, Stock Footage,

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Angelicchia d'oro, Terrazza Martini, Pinning On, Medal (Military), Award Ceremony, Nose, Bouquet, Milan, Costumes, Giving, Applauding, Speech, Costume (Clothes), Si gira!, Audience (People), Looking at Camera, Girl, Child, Caucasian Ethnicity, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Stock Footage,

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Toupee, Premio Qualità Italia, Villa Olmo, Athos Valsecchi, Steward (Security Guard), Como, Combing, Awarding, Hairdresser's Shop, Cup (Trophy), Award Ceremony, Hairdesser, Bald Head, Drawing (Picture), Photography, Si gira!, Showing, Personality, Politician, Audience (People), Facade, Hair (Human), Headgear, Working, Politics, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Day, Stock Footage,

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Lady Milano, Ira von Fürstenberg, Gianni Rivera, Daniele Piombi, TV Presenter, Sash, Beauty Contest, Moderator, Cup (Trophy), Award Ceremony, Photographic Equipment, Prize, Glamour, Giving, Photoflash, Photographer, Applauding, Photographing, Football Player (Soccer), Photographic Camera, Si gira!, Football (Sport), Personality, Audience (People), Sportsman, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, Stock Footage,

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Actors' Equity, Walter Nones, Moira Orfei, Renato Rascel, Award Ceremony, Stunt, Popping of Flashbulbs, Prize, Milan, Giving, Applauding, Celebrity, Funny, Si gira!, Artist, Caucasian Ethnicity, Historical Footage, Woman, Man (Human), Adult, People, Stock Footage,

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