Collection Recktenwald, Münchner Rück, Walking Man, Jonathan Borofsky, Poplar (Plant), Leopoldstraße, Sculptor, Window (Architecture), Munich, Facade, Deciduous Tree, Artist, House, Metropolis (City), Large City, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage,

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Collection Recktenwald, Leopoldstraße, Sidewalk Cafe, Sunshade (Sun Umbrella), Sunshade (Construction), Munich, Sitting, Car, Metropolis (City), Leisure Time, Large City, Group of People, Day, Stock Footage,

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Collection Recktenwald, Atrium (Architecture), Glass Front, Window (Architecture), Munich, House, Cloud, Metropolis (City), Large City, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 3

Collection Recktenwald, Neuherberg, Developing Area, New Building, Residential Building, Sunset, Dusk, Shadow, Evening, Metropolis (City), Large City, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 4

Collection Recktenwald, Sacred Heart Church, Glass Front, Munich, Reflection, Christianity, Cloud, Building (Edifice), Day, Stock Footage,

Video 5

Collection Recktenwald, Foehn Wind, Munich Frauenkirche, Duomo, Bavarian Alps, Mountain Range, Church Steeple, Historical Building, Tower (Building), Residential Building, Christianity, City View, Landmark (Sights), Metropolis (City), Large City, Travel Destination, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 6

Collection Recktenwald, Bavarian Alps, Mountain Range, Munich, City View, High-rise, Metropolis (City), Large City, Day, Stock Footage,

Video 7

Collection Recktenwald, BMW Building, Corporate Headquarters, Architectural Icon, Modern Architecture, Munich, Dusk, Night, Evening, Sights, Metropolis (City), Large City, Travel Destination, Day, Stock Footage,

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