CBS "The Amazing Race"

The CBS Amazing Race collection - High-quality aerial and drone footage, POV shots and more from over thousands of locations across six continents from the Emmy Award-winning TV show The Amazing Race. Enjoy the geographic variety and cinematographic excellence of locations such as the Grand Canyon, the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Sahara Desert, the Great Barrier Reef, beaches of Tahiti, and the Swiss Alps — just to name a few.

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NBC Universal

The NBC Universal collection - High-quality footage of aerials, city skylines, animals, military action, car run-bys, trains, jets and planes, explosions, and more from recent Universal releases and classic films. This valuable collection is available for all potential uses, such as advertising, corporate, educational, television and feature film production.

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Licensing stock footage online is easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can find the shots you want. Our flexible calculator allows you to build your individual license. After the checkout with online payment your shots are delivered within minutes and your are ready to go on with your project.

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Royalty Free Stock Footage

You are looking for affordable stock videos with unlimited usage rights and comprehensive legal protection? Find royalty-free stock footage out of all thematical areas at a fix price – just choose your favourite takes and use them over and over again in your diverse projects. Highest quality is a matter of course!

Selection of Royalty Free Stock Shots

Footage Highlights - Editor's Choice

We have collected some of our extraordinary footage and put them together in a collection of highlights. Outstanding archival footage and current material, grouped into editorial and commercial themes. Be inspired!

Our Footage Highlights

LED freerunners take over Bangkok

We are proud to represent the famous director and DoP Frank Sauer. LED Free running is an award winning story about a team of freerunners, decked up from head to toe with LED lights and set loose on the streets of Bangkok at night.
Discover the magic of extreme parkour once the sun goes down This footage is truly mesmerising.

All footage is available exclusively with us, fully cleared and ready for commercial use, all just a click away!

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Hungry for more?

Find out more about Frank in our blog. There is a lot more to discover. All footage exclusively here. Read more on our blog

Creative Footage

You would like to visualise a specific idea, promote a product or create a certain atmosphere? Then have a look at these stock videos! We established this stock footage category especially for all creative film genres with a focus on dynamics, distinctive design and special symbolic power – such as commercials, image films, internet virals and many more.

Inspirational stock videos for creative ideas

Editorial Footage

This category of stock footage is related to documentation and reportage. Be it wildlife or nature, countries and cultures or social items: We've selected specialists for each topic, so your individual video project can profit from their experience.

Documentary stock videos made by specialists

Archival Footage

Our historical video archive contains plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered. From the first cinematic steps – remastered in perfect HD quality – up to contemporary history delivered nearly in realtime. Discover history just as it happens!

Historical footage in state-of-the-art quality

New Content

Here’s a sample of our best new footage in 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K and HD. Added this month and exclusively available with us.
Let yourself be inspired!

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We are passionate about our stock footage and love delving into it. Often we come across certain shots that we find extraordinarily interesting, inspiring or simply beautiful… And then we would like to share more of them than just tiny sequences. We hope you enjoy our trailers made from our stock videos!

Our trailers on issues that concern us

Client References

We love to show our customers’ work! What could better demonstrate the variety and quality of our stock videos? But only the creativity of our clients turns extraordinary stock footage into extraordinary new masterpieces. And here we’ve come full circle: Award-winning footage, by and for filmmakers.

Great projects of advertising, TV, Movie

F****** – Footage is no longer a dirty word


Creatives all over the world do marvelous things with our footage.
Watch some of the best spots, corporate films and movies created using our vast collection of premium shots.

Each month we present a project featuring footage from our diverse library of creative, editorial and archival film material.

This month: 2018 Dodge Superbowl Pregrame Spot (Commercial)
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All of our footage is handpicked and carefully selected to offer an outstanding quality. That's also why a great part of our footage is available exclusively with us – it can't be found elsewhere and not in this high quality. We know what's important to filmmakers and we want to give you exactly what you need.

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Deadlines are often closer than we prefer and we are aware of this. That's why we offer instant downloading 24/7.
Just shortly after payment for an order is completed, the master material is available on our server for convenient downloading.
Anywhere, anytime.

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With our online shop you get premium footage with a ready-to-use license. Most of our shots are fully rights cleared, saving you time and hassle with unexpected legal claims.
We strive to make sure, that the way from your idea to the completed film is as short, fast and simple as possible.

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