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Licensing stock footage online is easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can find the shots you want. Our flexible calculator allows you to build your individual license. After the checkout with online payment your shots are delivered within minutes and your are ready to go on with your project.

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Royalty Free Stock Footage

You are looking for affordable stock videos with unlimited usage rights and comprehensive legal protection? Find royalty-free stock footage out of all thematical areas at a fix price – just choose your favourite takes and use them over and over again in your diverse projects. Highest quality is a matter of course!

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Footage Highlights - Editor's Choice

We have collected some of our extraordinary footage and put them together in a collection of highlights. Outstanding archival footage and current material, grouped into editorial and commercial themes. Be inspired!

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Enticing visions, rising emotions, hot eruptions - zero emission. In celebration of this year’s „Earth Day“, the US advertising agency McKinney created for us this sensual video all about mother nature’s beauty.

Enticing visions, rising emotions, hot eruptions - zero emission. In celebration of this year’s „Earth Day“, the US advertising agency McKinney created for us this sensual video all about mother nature’s beauty. 100% footage by Framepool - 100% kind to our planet.

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Creative Footage

Inspirational stock videos for creative ideas

You would like to visualise a specific idea, promote a product or create a certain atmosphere? Then have a look at these stock videos! We established this stock footage category especially for all creative film genres with a focus on dynamics, distinctive design and special symbolic power – such as commercials, image films, internet virals and many more.

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Editorial Footage

Documentary stock videos made by specialists

This category of stock footage is related to documentation and reportage. Be it wildlife or nature, countries and cultures or social items: We've selected specialists for each topic, so your individual video project can profit from their experience.

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Archival Footage

Historical footage in state-of-the-art quality

Our historical video archive contains plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered. From the first cinematic steps – remastered in perfect HD quality – up to contemporary history delivered nearly in realtime. Discover history just as it happens!

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Good to know – Advertising in images


The UEFA European Championship is over, and fresh footage is now trundling in of the games, the players and… their sponsors.

It is practically impossible to keep the omnipresent logos, slogans and names of advertisers out of the picture. While one might expect companies to be grateful for their valuable advertising receiving an additional airing after the event, it would be unwise to rely on this effect: suing for damages for unauthorized use is the more lucrative option for companies.

Make sure nobody uses you to refinance their investment in advertising by ensuring third-party rights are clarified before footage is used. In addition to the usual rights of persons to their own likeness (players, officials, fans etc.) and event rights, clarifying brand rights is crucial when advertising for companies is visible in images or footage (be it as logos or slogans on perimeter advertising or on jerseys, scoreboards etc.). Note that this also applies to royalty-free footage! But you don’t need to worry: we can take care of this – for our own footage and, on request, for footage from other sources.

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Suing for damages for unauthorized use is a lucrative option for companies.


Our trailers on issues that concern us

We are passionate about our stock footage and love delving into it. Often we come across certain shots that we find extraordinarily interesting, inspiring or simply beautiful… And then we would like to share more of them than just tiny sequences. We hope you enjoy our trailers made from our stock videos!

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Client References

Great projects of advertising, TV, Movie

We love to show our customers’ work! What could better demonstrate the variety and quality of our stock videos? But only the creativity of our clients turns extraordinary stock footage into extraordinary new masterpieces. And here we’ve come full circle: Award-winning footage, by and for filmmakers.

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F****** – Footage is no longer a dirty word


We have a special treat for you in our series “Fun with footage”: the supremely trashy music video Robot Girl realized by editor Paolo Turla with his musician friends in the Roman duo “TU”. Sound, costumes, make-up, shoot, editing and compositing – all self made with much passion and creativity. With low budget and 100 % fun – and it shows! We think the project is brilliant, the song is cool, and of course the spacey footage is from us.

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