Creative Stock Footage

Inspirational stock videos for creative ideas

You would like to visualise a specific idea, promote a product or create a certain atmosphere? Then have a look at these stock videos! We established this stock footage category especially for all creative film genres with a focus on dynamics, distinctive design and special symbolic power – such as commercials, image films, internet virals and many more.

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Editorial Stock Footage

Documentary stock videos made by specialists

This category of stock footage is related to documentation and reportage. Be it wildlife or nature, countries and cultures or social items: We've selected specialists for each topic, so your individual video project can profit from their experience.

> Selection of Editorial Stock Shots

Archival Stock Footage

Historical footage in state-of-the-art quality

Our historical video archive contains plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered. From the first cinematic steps – remastered in perfect HD quality – up to contemporary history delivered nearly in realtime. Discover history just as it happens!

> Selection of Historical Stock Shots

Get ready for 4K

Are you ready for 4K? We are!

Now that "High Definition" has been a standard format for us these past years, the buzz is all about 4K. A lot has been said about it and we feel it’s time to show & view!

You can choose between more than 10,000 stock footage clips in 4K – ranging from animals on green screen or in the wild, through cities at night to underwater footage. And everyday they are getting more… Have a look at the amazing quality yourself and order 4K shots for playout directly via our online store.

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Stock Footage Collections

Curtains up for some of our biggest licensors! From amazing aerials, animals on bluescreen and news footage from leading agencies to trash and style – we have it all.

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We are passionate about our stock footage and love delving into it. Often we come across certain shots that we find extraordinarily interesting, inspiring or simply beautiful… And then we would like to share more of them than just tiny sequences. We hope you enjoy our trailers made from our stock videos!

> Framepool Showreels

Client References

We love to show our customers’ work! What could better demonstrate the variety and quality of our stock videos? But only the creativity of our clients turns extraordinary stock footage into extraordinary new masterpieces. And here we’ve come full circle: Award-winning footage, by and for filmmakers.

> Customers’ Work

Autumn – A gift to filmmakers

Autumn is here. The time of the year when nature is bursting with magical colors. The sun is shinning in a completely different angle through the leaves allowing for many possibilities to capture the beautiful images and we have done just that in our Autumn Showreel.

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