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Advertising and PR agencies are often faced with the question of how to make their film, photo and audio data, or that of their customers, easily and quickly accessible.
Both for the internal needs such as content creation, FFF or artbuying, as well as for external project partners such as film production companies, directors, postproduction companies and customers.
We at Framepool RS help organize mood films, storyboards, commercials, ad campaigns, showreels, raw materials, etc. from the very beginning and help manage them in an agency-owned long-term archive.

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Agencies seldom work with non-digitized, analogue media stocks such as film or video. Film rolls or tapes are usually outsourced to executive film production companies or post production houses, as print or online agencies require photos with the maximum possible number of pixels.

Regardless of medium, there are certain principles that apply to any agency:

  • Digitized content means added value
    Digitization not only preserves asset value.
    Processing through archive related services can increase an asset's value.

  • Digitized content cuts costs
    Costs for research, administration, maintenance are reduced.
    Digitization can reduce warehousing and logistics costs for large asset collections.
    The physical inventory of media assets may be either reduced or redistributed to deposits further away.

  • Digitized content is efficient
    Specifically searched for content is easier to find (Metadata Management)
    Preview and master files are immediately available (Storage Solutions)
    The full potential of the media inventory can be tapped.


  • Mobile or stationary scanning service
  • Scan-Solution on site:
    - no acquisition or maintenance costs
    - pay per use (i.e. billing per frame)
    - next to zero logistics costs and transport risk
    - complete control over handling, processes and quality
    - self-determined timing
    - installation of the workstation by technically qualified personnel
    - training of operating personnel
    - minimized costs through scanner sharing
  • transcoding of all original film formats (nitro, 35mm, 16mm ...) into standards-compliant formats, codecs, resolutions (HD, 2K, 4K ...) etc.
  • framerate conversion
  • first color corrections, degraining, denoising, retouching, image stabilization
  • aspect ratio adjustment (4:3 -> 16:9)

How does the WETGATE technology work?

Data sheets


  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs
  • all tape formats (HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCAM, D1, U-Matic, VHS, Betacam)
  • final digital product: ProRes or user-specific


  • raw development, color correction, retouching etc.
  • all formats (glass slides, negatives, positives, slides framed / frameless, Polaroid)
  • exposure correction
  • re-sharpening
  • final digital product: TIFF (48 Bit) 2.400dpi - 4.000dpi, JPG or user-specific

Your Content

We will gladly advise you on the suitability and potential of your content, as well as the conditions under which licensing is possible.

Metadata Management

Which cut-down belongs to which campaign?
Which protagonists were cast for which product?
Which photo was used for which press release ...?

Questions for which solid metadata management provides the right answers. Features include:

  • sort content by category. If an asset was created used, for example, for a car manufacturer,it would be found under the categories "car"/"brand"/"model"/"year (of construction)"
  • descriptive and associative keywords support creative processes such as brainstorming
  • user-definable terminology in 7 languages brings users of all national and international branches together on one platform
  • content-dependent differentiated indexing processes (automated/intellectual)
  • summary content similar contents in structured folders (BINS)
  • linked keywords deepen or extend the search
  • clear references to legal requirements and usage restrictions/blocking notices/buyouts
  • information on technically relevant attributes such as recording date, camera type, resolution, etc.
  • incorporation of customer or agency-owned watermark/logo provides transparency
  • the storyboard feature enables a first sorting of the content

How do you search for centrally stored photos and videos?
Searching and finding media assets

Storage Solutions

Local and single-user storage solutions are not uncommon among agencies and agency networks.

Storing photos and videos of casting sessions or products etc., demo tapes, mood films, TV spots and cut-downs, image and trade fair films on individual computers may be useful for the duration of a campaign. But to effectively prevent data loss, a centralized long-term backup is a must.

Storage on LTO tapes has proven to be both cost effective and secure, providing high reliability and longevity. With a storage capacity of currently up to 6 terabytes, each volume can efficiently and safely archive hundreds of high-resolution photos and videos.

If you are independent from keeping your files in a specific location, we can store your assets can be stored in our air-conditioned LTO long-term archive. By regularly copying your data to the latest LTO tape versions, we always ensure the highest possible compatibility and data security. Your creative team of art buyers, graphic designers, FFF producers, etc. have 24/7 online access to all data, regardless of location. Master files can be requested in unlimited quantities and are automatically made available for downloading from our FTP server.

Data-reduced preview files are available to each authorized user in real time via streaming and download. Film production companies, post-production houses or contracting customer may be granted access via user account settings for the duration of a specific project.

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