Media professionals of major film production companies, as well as medium and small filmmakers, are often faced with the question of how to efficiently manage an archive while monetizing usable content.
Intelligent archive solutions make media assets easier to find and faster to access. Both for external sales and for the creation of new program formats.

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Our service for your film, photo or audio archive: our experts identify, evaluate and group content according to its degree of importance, technical age or condition, thus preventing threatening data loss.

We answer your questions:

  • Which media assets should preferably be digitized?
  • Which resolution (HD, 2K, 4K or higher?) makes most sense when scanning film?
  • What's best for my archive: a scan solution on site or scanning by national/international partner labs
  • Which storage solution is the most appropriate and secure in cost-benefit terms?
  • What are the advantages of a Media-Gateway-Solution?

If you are considering monetizing your content, we can assess potential exploitation depending on delivery format, recording quality, content as well as trend aspects.

  • own vs. third-party use of footage?
  • how much revenue can be achieved through licensing in a global market?
  • which archive related services provide added value in the exploitation of entire cinematographic works?
  • strategies to develop (new) program formats from existing stock footage


With broadcasting houses, archive film rolls and magnetic tapes are well stored and archived and technical equipment to view analoge media is frequently available. Still, a quick, direct access to analog stock footage is seldom convenient for authors and editors.

Even if storage conditions meet optimal standards: storing old films is not just a matter of preserving cultural property. Elaborately produced feature films, documentary films or daily programs need to be repeated in full length or be partially reused. Entire channels are used to fill program slots cost-effectively. It is imperative to use as little external footage sources as possible and instead tap into the broadcaster's own archive.

Adapting non-digitized content to new technical possibilities is therefore one of the basic requirements for cost-effectiveness. Last but not least, digital content is essential to time-saving research and rights management. ( Metadata Management )

We are part of the solution:


  • mobile or stationary scanning service for HD, 2K, 4k, 6K …
  • all film formats (35mm, 16mm, 8mm...) with/no audio
  • 3 TDI sensor
  • Wetgate-/Drygate scan
  • One-Ligth-/Best-Light scan
  • Simultaneous scanning of 35mm film (2K) and audio (magnetic or optical)
  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs, resolutions, etc.
  • frame rate conversion
  • colour correction
  • degraining/denoising
  • retouching
  • image stabilization
  • restoration
  • colour depth 10/12bit
  • aspect ratio adjustment (4:3 -> 16:9)
  • final digital product: TIFF or dpx

Scan-Solution on site:

  • no acquisition or maintenance costs
  • pay per use (i.e. billing per frame)
  • next to zero logistics costs and transport risk
  • complete control over handling, processes and quality
  • self-determined timing
  • installation of the workstation by technically qualified personnel
  • training of operating personnel
  • minimized costs through scanner sharing

How does the WETGATE technology work?

Data sheets


  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs
  • all tape formats (HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCAM, D1, U-Matic, VHS, Betacam)
  • final digital product: ProRes or user-specific

Metadata Management

Metadata management is the key to solid content tagging, researching content and protecting intellectual property.

  • deposition of technically relevant information
  • descriptive-associative keywords based on a defined vocabulary in 7 languages
  • content description as continuos text
  • assign content to any number of categories
  • content-dependent, differentiated indexing processes (automated / manual)
  • summarizing assets of similar content in structured folders (BINS)
  • linked keywords deepen or extend the search
  • clear indications of legal requirements and usage restrictions
  • inclusion of your watermark / logo

The keywording process results in interactive keywords that can be displayed as button – each keyword branching to other, content related clips or assets.

A separate input field "Stock Video Description" offers the possibility to describe the subject content in the form of a continuous text.

Assigning content to channel-, program- and archive-specific categories, allows for asset descriptions to be displayed in a structured manner.

Storage Solutions

A fully developed storage solution balances administrative overhead versus access speed. 1st degree content, for example, should be available faster (higher costs), while less valuable content can remain available offline or "nearline".

Working with your existing DAM system, or utilizing our cloud based storage solutions, we can come up with the optimal solution to best fit your needs.

  • encoding / transcoding of different file formats
  • production-oriented selection of in- and out-takes
  • preview files in real time
  • download master files on-demand via FTP
  • air-conditioned long-term archive on LTO tapes
  • regular data backups
  • gradual adaptation to technical progress
  • 100% client control over proprietary content

Content Licensing

Your broadcasting house is the rights holder of relevant, high-quality or rare historical content?
And you are considering licensing your film and photo material to a profitable worldwide market?

Then let's talk about expertly managed re-use of your material via our online licensing platform
Together, we'll asses revenue potential, uses for both commercial (advertising, corporate communications, feature films) as well as editorial (TV documentaries, reports, magazines ....) purposes.

What defines "high-quality", what is considered rare? Our experts will evaluate your content. And you can explore the special features and advantages of our online portal – both for you as a supplier and future licensor, as well as for our customers.

More than 1,200 licensors trust us to manage their creative assets. We'd be happy to count you among them.

Our offer – Best consultation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment, your portfolio of assets, and jointly develop a migration to monetisation strategy that is customized to fit your corporate objectives and maximize the return on your investment.

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