Public institutions

Public archives endeavor to preserve archive material in the original.
Authorities such as the police, the judiciary ... have an interest in securing personal data of any kind for as long as possible. Museums, universities and other institutes collect and/or generate data that needs to be sorted, systematised, managed.

As different as the individual areas may be, they all have one thing in common: The desire to be able to use existing or specifically collected data according to its intention.

Prerequisites for this are availability, accessibility, usability and, finally, data security.

As media experts with many years of film-specific knowledge and experience in the archiving of audiovisual content, we ensure that your individual requirements are met.

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Our service for your film, photo or audio archive: our experts identify, evaluate and group content according to its degree of importance, technical age or condition, thus preventing threatening data loss.

We answer your questions:

  • Which media assets should preferably be digitized?
  • Which resolution (HD, 2K, 4K or higher?) makes most sense when scanning film?
  • What's best for my archive: a scan solution on site or scanning by national/international partner labs
  • Which storage solution is the most appropriate and secure in cost-benefit terms?
  • What are the advantages of a Media-Gateway-Solution?

If you are considering monetizing your content, we can assess potential exploitation depending on delivery format, recording quality, content as well as trend aspects.

  • own vs. third-party use of footage?
  • how much revenue can be achieved through licensing in a global market?
  • which archive related services provide added value in the exploitation of entire cinematographic works?


Analog content stored on magnetic tapes or film rolls takes up space, causes administrative costs and is ultimately threatened by disintegration.
Not every tape format merits stocking the right technical equipment. As the tape formats become out-dated, corresponding players become less common and thus hard to come by. And existing players require continued maintenance and repair.

Digitized content means added value

Digitization not only preserves asset value.
Processing through archive related services can increase an asset's value.

Digitized content cuts costs

Costs for research, administration, maintenance are reduced.
Digitization can reduce warehousing and logistics costs for large asset collections.
The physical inventory of media assets may be either reduced or redistributed to deposits further away.

Digitized content is efficient

Specifically searched for content is easier to find (Metadata Management)
Preview and master files are immediately available (Storage Solutions)
The full potential of the media inventory can be tapped.

How Framepool RS contributes to the solution:


  • mobile or stationary scanning service for HD, 2K, 4k, 6K …
  • all film formats (35mm, 16mm, 8mm...) with/no audio
  • 3 TDI sensor
  • Wetgate-/Drygate scan
  • One-Ligth-/Best-Light scan
  • Simultaneous scanning of 35mm film (2K) and audio (magnetic or optical)
  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs, resolutions, etc.
  • frame rate conversion
  • colour correction
  • degraining/denoising
  • retouching
  • image stabilization
  • restoration
  • colour depth 10/12bit
  • aspect ratio adjustment (4:3 -> 16:9)
  • final digital product: TIFF or dpx

Scan-Solution on site:

  • no acquisition or maintenance costs
  • pay per use (i.e. billing per frame)
  • next to zero logistics costs and transport risk
  • complete control over handling, processes and quality
  • self-determined timing
  • installation of the workstation by technically qualified personnel
  • training of operating personnel
  • minimized costs through scanner sharing

How does the WETGATE technology work?

Data sheets


  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs
  • all tape formats (HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCAM, D1, U-Matic, VHS, Betacam)
  • final digital product: ProRes or user-specific


  • raw development, color correction, retouching etc.
  • all formats (glass slides, negatives, positives, slides framed / frameless, Polaroid)
  • exposure correction
  • re-sharpening
  • final digital product: TIFF (48 Bit) 2.400dpi - 4.000dpi, JPG or user-specific

Metadata Management

Depending on the circumstances, we offer Metadata Management as part of our keywording service or as a stand-alone licensable solution.
Our keywording service is run by a team of experienced documentarists at Framepool.

However, when sensitive data is involved, we recommend an independent stand-alone solution, to comply with possibly strict security requirements.

The software's thesaurus may be constantly supplemented with individual keywords and concepts. Also, a stand-alone tagging solution can be combined with your existing DAM system, via a software interface.

General keywording can be done by us as a first step and to provide a basic structure for further classification. Specific keywording, using technical terms, is then later done by the client.

Pricing is based on the scope of content to be indexed, on existing metadata, the degree of keywording and also the types of content.
These may be simple, requiring little research effort (e.g. nature) or historical and complex themes with high research intensity (e.g. historic moments in time, groups of different people).
Another factor to be calculated is the number of languages to used for keywording.

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Storage Solutions

For reasons of confidentiality and security, sensitive data collected for institutions in the public sector is generally stored in the authority's own archive. External storage solutions are typically out of the question, unless they are able to provide an adequate level of security (i.e. cloud storage).

Nonetheless, if you are considering irrevocably deleting your film or photo data (for whatever reason), we advise you to talk about safe, yet cost-effective alternatives with our experts

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment, your portfolio of assets, and jointly develop a migration to monetisation strategy that is customized to fit your corporate objectives and maximize the return on your investment.

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