The world of photo and video are rapidly merging. There is hardly a publisher that does not maintain his own website, featuring both videos and photos.
We believe, that publishers face the same challenges as other audiovisual content holders!

This includes not only the conversion of analogue assets for preservation into digital storage solutions. But also how content is searched for and found, and, for some, the question of re-usability / monetization.

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"Content is king" – the phrase holds especially true in the publishing industry. Newspapers and magazines know, that carefully researched and well written content is the key to scoring with their readers. Especially when it is accompanied by informative or even spectacular visual content.

Book publishing houses, and publishers for schoolbooks, for instance, support their products mainly through photos. And for publishers of art books photos are the "main ingredient".

But these visual components need to be organized.

Researching visual content is time consuming. Any item that doesn't exist in digital form and has not been tagged and categorised into a well structured Metadata Management system will simply be lost.


Even if film in the classical sense (on 35mm, 16mm, etc.) is unlikely to be found in the publishing world, there may exist rare documentaries about the publishing house. A scan contributes to the preservation of this historical legacy.

Our service:

  • mobile or stationary scanning service for HD, 2K, 4k, 6K …
  • all film formats (35mm, 16mm, 8mm...) with/no audio
  • 3 TDI sensor
  • Wetgate-/Drygate scan
  • One-Ligth-/Best-Light scan
  • Simultaneous scanning of 35mm film (2K) and audio (magnetic or optical)
  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs, resolutions, etc.
  • frame rate conversion
  • colour correction
  • degraining/denoising
  • retouching
  • image stabilization
  • restoration
  • colour depth 10/12bit
  • aspect ratio adjustment (4:3 -> 16:9)
  • final digital product: TIFF or dpx

Scan-Solution on site:

  • no acquisition or maintenance costs
  • pay per use (i.e. billing per frame)
  • next to zero logistics costs and transport risk
  • complete control over handling, processes and quality
  • self-determined timing
  • installation of the workstation by technically qualified personnel
  • training of operating personnel
  • minimized costs through scanner sharing

How does the WETGATE technology work?

Data sheets


Textbook publishers have been supporting explanatory learning processes with the help of videos, for many years.

Analog film, kept in an analog storage, is neither attractive nor contemporary. And from a current perspective, such assets seem to be more of a burden than of real value to the publisher. In other words: dead weight.

But what if such contents were to gain in value after all?
These types of videos can already be meaningful from a historical point of view, or become so in the future.

Best not to take the risk of disposing of analog tapes before they have been transferred (transcoded) to a digital long-term archive ( Storage Solutions ).

Our service:

  • transcoding into standards-compliant formats, codecs
  • all tape formats (HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO, DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVCAM, D1, U-Matic, VHS, Betacam)
  • final digital product: ProRes or user-specific


Do you possibly still have content on glass plate...? Aren't Polaroids experiencing a renaissance...? What about their condition?
You've probably been there: blue and green dyes have decomposed, leaving only reddish-white photos. Black and white photos have yellowed due to improper storage.

Proper storage with appropriate cooling only slows down the decomposition process. Damage caused by improper storage can not be reversed! Even under best storage conditions, the problem is only deferred.

Images can be saved only by digitalisation, whereby original colors and tonal values can be restored as best as possible.

Our service:

  • raw development, color correction, retouching etc.
  • all formats (glass slides, negatives, positives, slides framed / frameless, Polaroid)
  • exposure correction
  • re-sharpening
  • final digital product: TIFF (48 Bit) 2.400dpi - 4.000dpi, JPG or user-specific

Your Content

We will gladly advise you on the suitability and potential of your content, as well as the conditions under which licensing is possible.

If you are considering monetizing your content, we can assess potential exploitation and advise you on the suitability and potential of your content, as well as the conditions under which licensing is possible.

Metadata Management

Metadata management is the key to solid content tagging, researching content and protecting intellectual property.

  • deposition of technically relevant information
  • descriptive-associative keywords based on a defined vocabulary in 7 languages
  • content description as coninuos text
  • assign content to any number of categories
  • content-dependent, differentiated indexing processes (automated / manual)
  • summarizing assets of similar content in structured folders (BINS)
  • linked keywords deepen or extend the search
  • clear indications of legal requirements and usage restrictions
  • inclusion of your watermark / logo

The keywording process results in interactive keywords that can be displayed as button – each keyword branching to other, content related clips or assets.

A separate input field offers the possibility to describe the subject content in the form of a continuous text.

Assigning content to categories that are specific to the publsihing house or a certain product, allows for asset descriptions to be displayed in a structured manner.

Storage Solutions

Your photos and Videos are safely stored with us.

Our guarantee:

  • encoding / transcoding of different file formats
  • preview files in real time
  • download master files on-demand via FTP
  • air-conditioned long-term archive on LTO tapes
  • regular data backups
  • gradual adaptation to technical progress
  • 100% client control over proprietary content
  • password secured user accounts

Our offer – Best consultation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current environment, your portfolio of assets, and jointly develop a migration to monetisation strategy that is customized to fit your corporate objectives and maximize the return on your investment.

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