Cricket Player / Luxury Liner / Pacific Ocean / 1938
Arthur Chipperfield, Ben Barnett, Bill Brown, Bill O'Reilly, Charlie Walker, Chuck Fleetwood-Smith, Ernie McCormick, Frank Ward, Jack Badcock, Jack Fingleton, Lindsay Hassett, Mervyn Waite, Ted White, Sid Barnes, Stan McCabe, Donald Bradman, Cricket Bat, Cricket Player, Luxury Liner, Captain (Nautical), Warming Up (Sports), Hitting (Sport), Steamer (Ship), AYTR, CMP, Deck, Catching, Practice, Gymnastics (Gym), Team, Conversing, Training, Professional (Sports), Looking at Camera, Pacific Ocean, Sportsman, Speaking, Smiling, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Day,

News Footage / Jun 2, 2017
Withdrawal, Anger, Global, Climate, New York City, News Footage, AFP,

News Footage / Apr 19, 2017
Dismissal, News (Media), Bill (Money), Fox (Mammal), New York City, News Footage, AFP,

D-Day / Preparing / England / 1944
Bill Stoneman, Clark Lee, Larry O'Reilly, Jack Thompson, Bert Brandt, Ernie Pyle, Gordon Becker, Entrenching Tool, Larry Laseur, Pete Carroll, Wes Haines, War Photographer, Jack H. Lieb, Sleeping Bag, War Reporter, Collection Jack Lieb, Plymouth (England), Garrison Cap, Bayonet, Checkpoint, Halt, Transportation of Troops, D-Day, Packing, Rest, Steel Helmet, Guard (Soldier), Kindling, Jeep, Convoy, Shovel, Cigarette, Photographic Equipment, Full Beard, British Soldier, Trailer (Vehicle Part), Luggage, British Military, Small Town, Reporter, Debris, Digging, Bomb Damage, English Channel, Getting in, Getting Off, War Damage, Smoking, Washing, Allied Soldier, G.I., Tent, Rifle, Camp, Journalist, Armed, Bad Condition, Handshake, Photographing, Waving (Beckoning), Toothy Smile, Photographic Camera, US Army, Controlling, Destruction, Military Uniform, Market (Place), Vintage Car, Eating (Human), Ruin, Conversing, Meal (Nutrition), Preparing (Getting Ready), Laughing, Relaxing (Human), Residential Building, Bridge (Architecture), Looking at Camera, Road Traffic, Driving (Procedure), River, Group of People, Historical Footage, 1 (Quantity), Man (Human), Adult, No People, People, Day, Stock Footage,

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