Berlin Airlift / 1948 - 1949

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Radio Operator Air Traffic Controller Civilian Sailor Worker (Human) Food (Nutrition) Food (Food & Liquids) Nutrition
Berlin Airlift Airlift Radioing Final Approach Flying (Flight) Screwing Polishing Food Supply Providing Discharging (Unloading) Maintenance Unloading Discharging Queue Cueing Saluting Repairing Operating (Machine) Cleansing (Procedure) Taxiing Catching Arrival Logistics Helping Handshake Throwing Taking Off Starting Greeting Communicating Landing (Flying) Transport Rotating Speaking Working
Recording location
Wiesbaden Hessen Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Hanover (Germany) Lower Saxony West Berlin Berlin (City) Hamburg Frankfurt am Main
Further content information
Air Corridor Air Transport Traffic Flour Bag Sack (Container) Rhein-Main Air Base Air Force Base Military Base Army (Military) Douglas C-54 Skymaster Type of Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Candy Bomber Berlin Blockade Cold War Political Event Politics Milk Bottle Bottle Douglas DC-3 Tempelhof International Airport Airport Food Shortage Soviet Occupation Zone Zone of Occupation Havel River Body of Water Transmitter Mast Communication Technology Two-way Radio Communication Device British Air Force Air Force Slide (Playground) Allied Alliance Western Zones (Germany) Backyard Courtyard (Architecture) Formation Flight Formation Aviation History Antenna (Technology) Seaplane Flying Squadron Take-off Runway Runway Jeep Off-road Vehicle Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Division of Germany Propeller Coal Chain Inner German Border National Border American Navy Navy British Soldier Soldier Military Personnel British Military Cargo Propeller Plane United States Air Force Peaked Cap Cap (Hat) Headgear Map War Damage Damaged Postwar Period Graphic Allied Soldier G.I. American Soldier Freight Transport Housing Development Historic Event Symbol Figure (Sign) Culture US Army Midair Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Lorry Commercial Vehicle Row Hat Telecommunication Ruin Roof (Architecture) Residential Building House Building (Edifice) Street Historical Footage City Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being No People Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Air to Air Aerial Animation Sequence Indoor Shot Outdoor Shot

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