Reichsarbeitsdienst / 3rd Reich / Germany / 1937

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Stock Video Description
1937: Army Day and Labor Corps
Clip theme
Teacher German (Person) European Musician Artist
Flushing Whistling Food Distribution Warming Up (Sports) Military Step Marching Walking Listening to Listening Sensory Perception Teaching Digging Practicing Practice Explaining Speaking Communicating Learning Bathing Showing Eating (Human) Consuming Training Running Sitting Working
Recording location
Kochel am See Upper Bavaria Bavaria (State) Southern Germany Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Alpine Foreland
Further content information
Flag Procession Music Group Music Culture Feeding Dish Lake Walchen Water Power Station Storage Power Plant Hydroelectric Power Station Power Station SS Uniform Military Uniform Uniform Clothes SS Soldier German Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Drill Instructor Reichsarbeitsdienst National Socialism Fascism Whistle (Thunderer Whistle) Pipe (Whistle) Schutzstaffel World Map Map Marching Band Wheelbarrow Cart Traditional Means of Transport Land Vehicle Vehicle High Voltage Line Power Supply Line Electricity (Energy) High Voltage Collection Julien Bryan NSDAP Right-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Politics Shovel Tool Bathing Trunks Swimwear Waterpower Power in Nature Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) Synchronously Topless Half Dressed Parade (Military) Event (Cultural) Pipe (Tube) Electricity Generation Energy Production Gymnastics (Gym) Sports German Military Troop Military Unit Class (Procedure) Education 3rd Reich German Reich Lake Body of Water Forest Treescape Water (Liquid) Group of People Group Historical Footage Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being Adult Sunshine Weather Day
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Sequence Architecture High Angle Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot

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