German Reich / Propaganda Film / 1871 - 1941

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1923: The Weimar Republic. We see the Occupation of the Ruhr (German: Ruhrbesetzung). This was a period of military occupation of the German Ruhr valley by France and Belgium between 1923 and 1925 in response of the Weimar Republic's failure to continue its reparation payments in the aftermath of World War I.
Clip theme
Paul von Hindenburg Imperial Chancellor Chancellor (Politician) Politician Politics Adolf Hitler Civilian Bread Cereal Product Food (Nutrition) Food (Food & Liquids) Nutrition Equestrian Personality Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Worker (Human)
Arms Control Occupation of the Ruhr Occupation (Occupied) Dismantelment Torchlight Procession Armament Storming (Military) Stamping Inauguration (Induction) Oath Swearing Blasting Standing at Attention Standing Street Battle Unrest Shovelling Deployment Invasion Hitler Salute Greeting Communicating Demolition Shelling Shooting (Weapon) Saluting Handcrafted Work Scrolling though the Pages Hand Raised Hand Sign Gesticulating Body Language Marching Walking Explosion Logistics Waving (Sway) Cheering (Jubilating) Purchasing Buying Consuming Glowing Riding (Horse) Controlling Transport Running Observing Looking Sensory Perception Working Driving (Procedure) Starting Off
Recording location
Rhineland Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Potsdam Brandenburg Ruhr Area North Rhine-Westphalia Berlin (City) Paris (France) Ile-de-France France Western Europe Africa
Further content information
Disarmament Treaty Contract Prussian Military Army (Military) Treaty of Versailles Prussian Soldier German Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Roll Call Garnisonskirche Church Sacred Structure Belgian Armed Force Belgian Soldier Sheaf of Sparks Fireworks Event (Cultural) Reichswehr German Military Day of Potsdam National Socialism Fascism Military Training Turrets (Military Equipment) Tower (Building) Bureau (Department) German Empire German Reich Machtergreifung Seizure of Power Political Event Inflation Propaganda Film Film Genre Film Audiovisual Culture Sturmabteilung Sabre (Weapon) Thrust Weapon Weapon Nazi Propaganda Propaganda Unemployment Weimar Republic German Colony Colony (Colonialism) Colonialism Spade Tool Industrial Plant Industry Scythe Excavator Shovel Excavator Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Trench Gearwheel Wheel (Technic) Mechanics Dummy Revolte Allied Alliance French Soldier Expensive Economic Growth Headline Print (Print Media) French Military Cavalry Troop Military Unit Swastika Flag Flag NSDAP Right-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Torch (Fire) Fire (Flame) Communism Colonial Time Brandenburg Gate Gate (Architecture) Production Hall Harvesting Grain Harvest Agricultural Activity Agribusiness Front (War) War Conflict Dictator Head of State Banner (Sign) Wine Production Manufacturing Quay Crane Crane (Machine) First World War Cargo Piece of Artillery Artillery (Weapon) Firearm Grid (Archictecture) Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) General Officer (Millitary) Beginning Warehouse Building (Edifice) National Border Industrial Area Spark Steelwork Steel Industry Iron Industry Metal Industry Heavy Industry Parade (Military) Pauperism Tank (Military) Military Plane Horse-Drawn Cart Harnessed Team Traditional Means of Transport Wehrmacht Traditional Agriculture Map Navy Warfare Graphic Chimney (Architecture) Demonstration (Protest) Freight Transport Traffic Warship Ship Watercraft Newspaper Vineyard (Plantation) Viniculture Cultivation Idyll Money (Currency) Legal Tender Payment System Financial Management Hall (Room) Historic Event 3rd Reich Document (Papers) Highlights1615 Middle Ages Cargo Ship Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Fortification Defensive Fortification Political Building Factory Shop (Commerce) Commerce Ship Transport (Traffic) Machine National Flag National Costume Smoke Hill Hilly Region Face Street Scene Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Art Harbor Village Crowd Group of People Group Bridge (Architecture) Scenic Hand City View City Night Shadow Alps Mountain Region Mountain Landscape Child People House Capital City River Body of Water Street Forest Treescape Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) No People Day
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Shot on Film Architecture View to the Rear View to the Side Animation POV Sequence Travelling Shot Indoor Shot Pan (Camera Movement) Long Shot Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Equus Equidae Perissodactyla Eutheria Mammalia Animalia

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