Street Scene / New York City / USA / 1896 - 1903

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May 1; 1903: Friday morning. The view; photographed from an elevated camera position; looks down on a very crowded New York City street market. Rows of pushcarts and street vendors' vehicles can be seen. The precise location is difficult to ascertain; but it is certainly on the Lower East Side; probably on or near Hester Street; which at the turn of the century was the center of commerce for New York's Jewish ghetto. Located south of Houston Street and east of the Bowery; the ghetto population was predominantly Russian; but included immigrants from Austria; Germany; Rumania and Turkey. According to a description in a 1901 newspaper; an estimated 1;500 pushcart peddlers were licensed to sell wares (primarily fish) in the vicinity of Hester Street. At one point the film seems to follow three official looking men (one in a uniform) as they walk among the crowd. They may be New York City health inspectors; who apparently monitored the fish vendors closely.
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Newspaper Boy Newspaper Man Salesman Merchant Commercial Occupation Service Occupation Fruit Merchant Grocer Market Vendor Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Mammal Animal Living Being Pedestrian People
Crowding Suspension (Punishment) Scuffling Fighting Disagreement Brawl Hanging (Procedure) Getting Off Purchasing Buying Consuming Reading Holding Running Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Looking Sensory Perception Walking
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Lower Eastside Lower Manhattan Manhattan New York City New York State East Coast (USA) USA North America America
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9-12 Years
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Road User Traffic 23rd Street Street Herald Square Square (Plaza) Union Square Fruit Stall Stall (Shop) Commerce The World Daily Newspaper Newspaper Print (Print Media) Culture Luggage Cart Land Vehicle Vehicle Broadway Turn of the Century Highlights1511 Fire Engine Emergency Vehicle Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Street Market Market (Place) Fruit and Vegetable Market Building Construction Coach (Carriage) Horse-Drawn Cart Harnessed Team Traditional Means of Transport Fire Brigade Emergency Services Tram Rail (Railway) Crane (Machine) Crowded Public Transport Rail Vehicle Hat Headgear Mass Media Street Scene Crowd Group of People Group Morning Boy Male (Human) High-rise Building (Edifice) Wind Child Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Adult Day
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