Wehrmacht / Capitulation / Europe / 1945

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Germany capitulateTimeloberg, Wendisch Evern, Lüneburger Heide, Niedersachsen, Deutschland, Europa (Kontinent), Hans-Georg von Friedeburg, Admiral (Militär), Offizier (Militär), Militärpersonal, Militär, Zeitungsmeldung, Zeitung, Oberbefehlshaber, Kriegsmarine, Deutsche Marine, Marine, Delegation (Politik), Politik, Bernard Montgomery, General, Kapitulation, Feldmarschall, Urkunde, Dokument, Unterschreiben, Schreiben, Britischer Soldat, Soldat, AYTR, CMP, Frieden, Zelt, Mikrofon, Internationale Beziehung, Historisches Ereignis, Militäruniform, Uniform, Kleidung, Zweiter Weltkrieg, Krieg, Konflikt, Politisches Ereignis, Persönlichkeit, Mensch, Stehen, Sitzen, Personengruppe
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Hans-Georg von Friedeburg Bernard Montgomery
Surrendering Capitulation Signing Writing Standing Sitting
Recording location
Victory Hill Wendisch Evern Lüneburger Heide Lower Saxony Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
German Delegation Delegation (Politics) Politics Farewell to Yesterday Film Audiovisual Culture Admiral (Military) Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) Field Marshal Certificate Document (Papers) Commander British Soldier Soldier Historic Site CMP General Peace Wehrmacht German Military Warfare War Conflict Political Event German Soldier Tent Microphone International Relation Historic Event Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Second World War Group of People Group Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being Adult
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