Attack / Pearl Harbor / Hawaii / Dec 7, 1941

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1) MS Camera on bow of ARGONNE pans It. to rt. down battleship row showing BB"s MARYALND, capsized OKLAHOMA, TENNESSE, listing WEST VIRGINIA, burning ARIZONA, AR-VESTAL and BB NEAVADA.2) MS Repeat of scene one.3) MS Repeat of scene one & two (This is the best of the three).4) LS Looking up at attacking Japanese plane; Much flak in sky.5) MS Another pan down battleship row; This view shows tanker NEOSHO starting to back clear of her moorings at end of row of BB"s.6) MS Looking to left along 1010 dock at moored CL HELENA & listing CM OGLALA being pulled clear of the cruiser"s side.7) LS Looking up at Japanese plane under anti-aircraft fire.8) MS BB NEVADA has pasted 1010 dock & is trying to reach open sea; She is being heavily bombed forward; her guns are firing back at her attackers; She turns left & runs aground at Hospital Pt. As this action is taking place in the background of scene, the OGLALA rolls over & sinks in the foreground of scene.9) MS Camera pans rt. to It. showing WEST VIRGINIA settling with a decreasing list: Upturned hull of OKLAHOMA. with MARYLAND behind her. TERN (AM-31) is moored in fr at 1010 dock.10) MS Repeat ef scene 9.11) MS ST. LOUIS breaks down channel for open sea, guns firing. Camera pans off to the left showing beached & burning NEVADA & SHAW afire in the floating drydock down channel from 1010 dock.12) MS Pan--It. to rt. showing part of Battleship row with CALIFORNIA settling in the water, then MARYLAND & overturned OKLAHOMA. The burning oil pouring out of ARIZONA is starting to engulf all of the battleships due to drift in current13) MS Injuried men on stretchers being carried past autos parked on 1010 dock for transport to medical facilities.14) MS Drifting oil fires from ARIZONA engulfing BB CALIFORNIA15) MS Destroyer SHAW"s forward magazine explodes in large fireball.16) MS Pan across CALIFORNIA after oil fire drifts clear17) MS BLUE (DD-387) heads down channel past burning oil fires for sea.18) MS Capsized OGLALA sunken in foreground; SHAW burns in the bkgd.19) LS Japanese plane overhead is fired on; Heavy flak in air.20) MS Shrapnel falls in water just off 1010 dock, BB"s in bkgd.21) MS Camera pans across battleship row showing MARYLAND, OKLAHOMA, TENNESSEE, WEST VIRGINIA, & ARIZONA (ARIZONA still burning).22) MS Repeat of scene 21.23) MS CALIFORNIA settling lower in water (she took two torpedoes).24) MS Another view of OGLALA laying sunken on her side beside dock.25) MS Pan across CALIFORNIA as she settles lower in the water (Camera man has changed to 3" lens to get a closer view). VIREO in frgd.26) MS Pan across barracks & HQ"s of Pacific Fleet Battle Force on Ford Island showing American flag still flying in front of bldg.27) CS View of American flag still flying on stern of CL HONOLULU in navy yard dock behind the main 1010 dock.:Film has deteriorated to monochromic red - Very Poor Condition
Attack (Raid)
Recording location
Oahu Hawaii (U.S. State) USA North America America
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Japanese Air Force Air Force Army (Military) Entry Into the War War Conflict Political Event Politics Japanese Military Pearl Harbor Naval Base Military Base American Army Army (Ground Forces) American Navy Navy Warfare US Army Second World War Pacific Ocean Ocean Sea (Landscape) Body of Water Historical Footage No People Day
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Shot on Film Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Long Shot Eye Level

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