Jesse Owens / Lap of Honor / Olympic Stadium / West Berlin / 1936 - 1956

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Jesse Owens Olympic Champion Sportsman Sports Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Minister Reichsminister Minister Politician Politics Hermann Göring Track and Field Athlete Imperial Chancellor Chancellor (Politician) Adolf Hitler Fan (Admirer) Supporter Personality European Professional (Sports)
Quitting Run-Up Running Sprinting Getting Up Waving (Somebody Waving a Flag) Applauding Clapping Waving (Sway) Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Greeting Communicating Spectating Looking Sensory Perception Starting Preparing (Getting Ready) Jumping Observing Sitting Smiling Mimic Walking
Recording location
West Berlin Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Description of individuals depicted
African-American Ethnicity African Ethnicity Dark-Skinned Skin Coulour Caucasian Ethnicity
Further content information
200 Meter Race Running (Discipline) Lap of Honor Starting Block Long Jump Athletics Starting Shot 100 Metre Sprint Small Flag Euphoria Feeling Olympic District Sports Facilities Olympic Stadium (Berlin) Olympic Stadium Stadium Olympic Games 1936 Olympic Games Sports Event Swastika Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) Culture Spyglass Optical Device Dictator Head of State Summer Olympics Referee (Sports) Tribune Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) American Flag National Flag Flag National Socialism Fascism Race (Sports) Multi-ethnic Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Concentration Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Event (Cultural) Audience (People) Group of People Group Crowd Wind Joy Feeling Capital City Metropolis (City) Large City City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Travelling Shot Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) High Angle Shot Full Shot Long Shot Eye Level Outdoor Shot

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