World Championship / England / 1966

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Geoff Hurst Helmut Haller Garrincha Mário Américo Karl-Heinz Schnellinger Franz Beckenbauer Eusebio Pelé Massager Medical Staff Medical Profession Goalkeeper Sportsman Sports Professional Footballer Professional (Sports) Policeman Celebrity Football Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter Football Player (Soccer) Lion (Animal) Panthera Big Cat Cat of Prey Feliformia Carnivora Eutheria Mammal Animal Living Being Personality
Hobbling Slackening Sign Of The Cross Coming In Whistling Deceiving Shoving Start of Play Playing Mimic Supporting Mishap Catching Applauding Clapping Waving (Sway) Handshake Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Calling Communicating Embracing Body Contact Discussing Speaking Gesticulating Partying Carrying Rotating Jumping Running Looking at Camera Looking Sensory Perception Smiling
Recording location
Liverpool North West England England Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent) London Latin America America
Further content information
Brazil-Bulgaria International Match Goodison Park Football Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities Gottfried Dienst Referee (Sports) Sending-Off Portugal-Brazil Rudolf Kreitlein Tofiq Bahramov WC 1966 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Sports Event Wembley Goal Scored Goal Scoring Hungary-Brazil England-Germany Argentina-England Bulgarian National Team National Team Team Sport Wembley Stadium Whistle (Kick-Off) Crossbar Football (Sport) Ball Sports Catacomb Volley (Soccer) Football Skill Portuguese National Team Feinting Trick (Sport) Linesman (Referee) Referee Assistant Distance Kick Shooting (Sports) Quater Final Tournament Whistle (Thunderer Whistle) Pipe (Whistle) Corner Kick Standard Situation English National Team Sliding Tackle Half Time Preliminary Round Brazilian National Team Penalty Kick World Cup Final Final (Sports) Mascot (Lucky Charm) Fictional Character Fictional Being DFB Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) Free Kick Argentine National Team Flank Crosskick Pass (Sport) Kickoff (Soccer) Germany National Football Team German National Team Brazilian Flag National Flag Flag Diving Save Stopping a Ball Goal Chance Foul Rule Breach Coat of Arms Political Symbol Politics Header (Football) Bandage (Medicine) Gauze Duel (Sports) Highlights1511 Dribbling (Sport) Balloon Balloon (Leisure Time) British Flag Shot at Goal Hungarian National Team Offensive Action Goal (Scoring Area) German Flag Massage Health Poster Advertising Material Advertisement Culture Highlights1621 Football Field Playing Field Injury Tribune Bizarre Soccer Ball Ball (Object) Patriotism Football Match (Soccer) Professional Football Historic Event Enthusiasm Feeling Crowded Logo Rain Precipitation Weather Funny Police Hat Headgear Success Feeling Over 15 (Quantity) Lettering Figure (Sign) Face Audience (People) Group of People Group Medicine Crowd Boy Male (Human) People Art Joy Feeling Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City City Capital City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Vertical Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Sequence Indoor Shot Medium Shot Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Panthera Leo Panthera Pantherinae Felidae Feloidea Carnivora Eutheria Mammalia Animalia

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