Building Implosion / Building / Collapsing / 1920 - 1959

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Charles Edward Munroe People Living Being Henry Cantwell Wallace Shot Firer Comedian Artist Technician Barn Fowl Gallinaceous Birds Bird Animal Actor Bovid Cloven Hoofed Animal Mammal Cattle (Bovini) Bos Bovine Politician Politics Production Animal Worker (Human)
Building Implosion Blasting Collapsing Rescueing (Saving) Running Away Running Closing Filming Dusting (Dust) Explosion Test Burning Photographing Gesticulating Body Language Waving (Beckoning) Destruction Falling (Procedure) Splashing (Liquid) Observing Looking Sensory Perception Working
Recording location
Telegraph Hill San Francisco San Francisco Bay Area Northern California California Southwest USA North America America West Berlin Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Switzerland
Further content information
Picric Acid Acid Liquid (Condition) Detonator Fuze (Rope) Rope-ladder Reichstag Dome Glass Dome Dome Explosives Pontoon Drilling Rig Slapstick Comedy Film Feature Film Film Genre Film Audiovisual Culture Silent Film Double Decker (Airplane) Propeller Plane Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Headline Print (Print Media) Reichstag Government Building Political Building News (Media) Mass Media Cloud of Smoke Smoke Government Quarter District City Scoring Sports Dust Cloud Dust Particle Clip Frame of Film Erosion Warehouse Building (Edifice) Film Camera Camera News Media Mountain Lake Lake Body of Water Debris Orientation Oil (Petroleum) Performing Arts Fire (Blaze) Fire (Flame) Chemistry Power Pole Electricity (Energy) Postwar Period Villa Residential Building House Chimney (Architecture) Fountain (Water) Water (Liquid) Newspaper Current Supply Power Supply Safety Helmet Helmet Headguard Headgear Lighthouse Tower (Building) Parliament Political Institution Helicopter (Aircraft) Scientist Academic (Scientist) Door Gate (Architecture) Research (Science) Hut Funny Danger Feeling Success Feeling Factory Industry Ruin Roof (Architecture) Crowd Group of People Group 3-5 (Quantity) Army (Military) High-rise Landmark (Sights) Sights Ship Watercraft Night Staging (Film) Mountain Region Mountain Landscape Large City Tree (Plant) Plant Mountains Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) 1 (Quantity) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Sunshine Weather Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Slowmotion Aerial Full Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Gallus Gallus Domesticus Galliformes Aves Bovidae Artiodactyla Mammalia Bovini Bos Bovinae

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