Anti Vietnam Demonstration / Moratorium March on Washington / USA / Nov 16, 1969

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Stock Video Description
1969 (November 15): Washington D.C. Moratorium March on Washington. Crowd of demonstrators milling about at Washington Monument. Crowd carries large anti-war banners; Viet Cong flags; North Vietnamese flags and Red flags. Huge mass of demonstrators around the monument and on the street.
Clip theme
Human Chain People Living Being Demonstrator
Climbing Up Climbing (Moving) Taking by the Hand Waving (Somebody Waving a Flag) Smoking Consuming Waving (Sway) Protest Walking
Recording location
National Mall Washington (City) District of Columbia USA North America America
Further content information
National Monument National Park Sancutary Moratorium March on Washington Vietnam Moratorium Anti Vietnam Demonstration Peace-Demonstration Demonstration (Protest) Political Event Politics Peace Sign Symbol of Peace Symbol Figure (Sign) Culture Red Flag Flag Peace Movement Vietnamese Flag National Flag Mascot Hippie Youth Subculture Subculture Megaphone Washington Monument Presidential Memorials National Monument Monument Flagpole Banner (Sign) Street Sign Sign (Signboard) Protest Movement Commitment (Social) Costumes Stage (Performance) American Flag Historic Event Crowd Group of People Group Capital City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) Day
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Shot on Film Architecture View towards Front Vertical Pan Pan (Camera Movement) POV Sequence Special Visualisation Handheld Camera Zoom Horizontal Pan Low Angle Shot High Angle Shot Medium Shot Full Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot

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