Missile / 100th Birthday of Kim Il-sung / North Korea / 2012

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Kim Il-sung Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-un Cameraman Personality Politician Politics
Unveiling Scansion Calling Communicating Inauguration (Starting) Standing at Attention Standing Rocket Launch Saluting Military Step Marching Walking Making Music (Instrument) Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Waving (Beckoning) Clapping Spectating Looking Sensory Perception Glowing Preparing (Getting Ready) Speaking Driving (Procedure) Starting Off
Recording location
Satellite (Artificial) Space Pyongyang North Korea Korea Eastern Asia Far East Asia Satellite (Natural) Celestial Body
Further content information
Sohae Spaceport Astronautics Unha-3 Launch Vehicle Rocket (Space Travel) Taepodong Weapon 100th Birthday of Kim Il-sung 100th Birthday Birthday Jubilee Anniversary Day of Commemoration North Korean Flag National Flag Flag North Korean Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Kim Il-Sung Square Square (Plaza) North Korean Armed Forces Disguise (Cover Up) Commemoration Celebration (Event) Event (Cultural) Girdle of Flowers Wreath Rocket Launch Pad Launch Pad Military Band Music Ensemble Music Group Music Culture Memorial Site Political Building Barbed Wire Birthday Party Party (Celebration) Leisure Time Discipline (Drill) Brass Band Order (Concept) Control Room Fireworks Political Symbol Synchronously Solemn Parade (Military) Tank (Military) Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Stage (Performance) Balcony Tribune Photography Armed Ceremony Military Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Scientist Academic (Scientist) Artwork Art White Coat Gown (Scrubs) Coat Clothes Image Midair Military Uniform Uniform Row Monument Statue Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Audience (People) Group of People Group Crowd Flower Plant Living Being Building Exterior City View City Capital City Historical Footage AFP Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Male (Human) People Adult Day
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Architecture Sequence Outdoor Shot

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