Postwar Period / Germany / 1948 - 1949

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Georg Dertinger President of the German Democratic Republic President (Politics) Politician Politics Otto Grotewohl Wilhelm Pieck Chairman of the State Council Walter Ulbricht Chair (Head) Train Conductor Railway Personnel Demonstrator Passenger Policeman Personality Pedestrian
Foundation (Founding) Dissolving (Procedure) Razzia House Search Blockade Disagreement Brawl Fighting (Someone) Origin Siege Shoving Tumult Shootout Arresting Providing Congratulating Unrest Meeting (Organized Gathering) Handshake Opening (Procedure) Clapping Destruction Protest Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking
Recording location
Grunewald (District) Wilmersdorf Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Democratic Sector East Berlin GDR West Berlin Eastern Bloc Eastern Europe
Further content information
Road User Traffic Deutscher Volksrat Political Institution End of Berlin Blockade Berlin Blockade Cold War Political Event Railway Station Zoologischer Garten Railway Station Berlin Ultimatum Diplomatic Crisis Conflict Cover (Newspaper) Newspaper Print (Print Media) Culture Baton (Weapon) Weapon Clipping (Newspapar) Article American Sector Western Sector (Berlin) Zone of Occupation British Sector Freight Car Wagon Vehicle Military Police Army (Military) Soviet Sector Dipper (Scooping) Occupying Power Printing Industry Industry Headline Delivery (Goods) Commerce Bombed Out British Flag National Flag Flag Passing By Potsdamer Platz Square (Plaza) Steam Train Train (Vehicle) Railway Rail (Railway) Land Vehicle Division of Germany Communism Brandenburg Gate Gate (Architecture) Goods Train Coal Inner German Border National Border Steam Locomotive Locomotive Time of Occupation Pyrotechnics Political Symbol Anger Feeling News Media Debris Bomb Damage Damaged Emptiness Traveling Train Fire (Blaze) Fire (Flame) Abandoned War Damage Postwar Period Tram Railway Transport Demonstration (Protest) Freight Transport American Flag Passenger Train Bad Condition Head of State Historic Event Railway Track Railway Facility Public Transport Police Rail Vehicle Second World War War Mass Media Smoke Crowd Group of People Group Night Capital City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult No People Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Vertical Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Sequence Indoor Shot Close-up Eye Level Outdoor Shot

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