Margaret Jackson / Puppeteer / Australia / 1940 - 1959

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Stock Video Description
Australia, Hogarth Puppets: 80,000 Aust. Kids Have Seen Show, Hogarth Puppets are lowered from ceiling; curtain opens and puppet show begins; puppeteers manipulate strings; puppet drives onstage in automobile; cowboy and horse puppets perform.
Clip theme
Margaret Jackson People Living Being Puppeteer Artist Puppeteer
Performance (Representation) Demonstrating (Presentation)
Recording location
Australia Australia-Oceania
Further content information
Title Sequence Opening Sequence Frame of Film Film Audiovisual Culture String Puppet Theater Smaller-scale Performing Arts Puppet Show Marionette Puppet Thread CMP Performing Arts Stage (Performance) Amusement Skillful Show (Event) Event (Cultural) Trash & Style Funny Childhood Joy Feeling Group of People Group Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult
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