FIFA World Cup / Aftermath / News Footage / Jun 27, 2014

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Südafrika kämpft mit Folgekosten der WM 2010 Für die ersten Spielstätten in Brasilien ist die WM bereits nach der Vorrunde beendet. Die zukünftige Verwendung einiger Stadien ist noch immer ungewiss. Ein schlechtes Vorbild für nachhaltige Nutzung der Infrastruktur stellt Südafrika dar. 3,5 Milliarden Dollar hat das Land 2010 in Stadien, den Ausbau von Autobahnen und Flughäfen investiert. Heute schreiben fast alle Stadien rote Zahlen.
Clip theme
South African Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter Brazilian Fan Brazilian Demonstrator Football Fan
Blowing Marching Walking Interview (Media) Speaking Communicating Spectating Looking Sensory Perception Protest
Recording location
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Southern Africa Africa Brazil South America America Latin America
Further content information
SID South African Flag National Flag Flag Township Shanty Town Slum Vuvuzela Toy Trumpet Brazilian Flag World Cup Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities Sports Jumbotron Large Screen Projection Screen Production Engineering FIFA Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) WC 2014 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Sports Event WC 2010 Ghetto National Color Commitment (Social) Political Symbol Politics Fan Clothes Clothes Emptiness Underground Railway Rail (Railway) Land Vehicle Vehicle Hilarious Feeling Pauperism Public Viewing Event (Cultural) Demonstration (Protest) Political Event Aftermath Patriotism Enthusiasm Feeling Public Transport Traffic Train (Vehicle) Railway Advertisement Culture Rail Vehicle Skyline (City Silhouette) City Audience (People) Group of People Group City View Metropolis (City) Large City Historical Footage News Footage Building (Edifice) People Living Being
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Architecture Outdoor Shot

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