Konrad Adenauer / Division of Germany / Rise of the Berlin Wall / West Berlin / 1961

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1961: ALLIES STAND FIRM IN BERLIN: Berlin continues to be front page news in every corner of the globe. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer arrives in West Berlin for a visit that proves a great morale booster to the German people as the Reds continue to pile charge upon charge against the West. The Chancellor makes a tour of the border and was the object of taunts from East sound trucks. Now the Reds have bricked up windows that overlook the border to prevent escapes through those buildings.
Clip theme
Konrad Adenauer Federal Chancellor Chancellor (Politician) Politician Politics Civilian Policeman Personality
Rise of the Berlin Wall Raising A Wall Building (Constructing) Transportation of Troops Transport Visiting (Looking Around) Taxiing Getting Off Explaining Speaking Communicating Arrival Visit Waving (Beckoning) Looking Sensory Perception
Recording location
Tempelhofer Feld Tempelhof Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) East Berlin West Berlin Eastern Bloc Eastern Europe
Further content information
Berlin bear Monument Bricked Café Kranzler Cafe Gastronomy Bernauer Straße Street Lockheed Constellation Propeller Plane Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Border Guard Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Tempelhof International Airport Airport NVA Soldier German Soldier American Sector Western Sector (Berlin) Zone of Occupation Border Troops of the GDR Border Patrol Police CDU Christian Democrats Right-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Egon Eiermann Death Strip Border Strip National Border National People's Army Apron Lockheed Aviation Industry Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Gedächtniskirche Church Sacred Structure Kurfürstendamm (Street) Berlin Wall Wall (Architecture) Potsdamer Platz Square (Plaza) Jeep Off-road Vehicle Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Division of Germany Cold War Political Event Brandenburg Gate Gate (Architecture) Inner German Border Avenue (Boulevard) Boulevard Bell Tower Tower (Building) Parade (Military) Event (Cultural) G.I. American Soldier Military Plane US Army Church Steeple Stairway Lorry Commercial Vehicle City Centre District City Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Art Culture Crowd Group of People Group Landmark (Sights) Sights Large City Historical Footage Building (Edifice) Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being Adult Day Stock Footage Newscast Audiovisual
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Outdoor Shot Newsreel

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