First World War / Marching / Canadian Scottish Regiment / Air Force / France

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[Remark: the aeroplane, a comparatively newcomer to war is being used extensively by allied and Germans forces on the Western Front.]LS of biplane of Royal Flying Corps landing. CS of biplane taxiing past camera. LS of column of smoke rising skyward from crashed aircraft in field near Boulogne. HASs of Infantry troops marching along road in France on their way to the front, Canadian Scottish pipe band opening march. Sequence showing artillery truck coming in, stopping in front of camera, men jumping off and manning anti-aircraft gun mounted on back of truck. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of puffs of flak in sky, interspersed with shots of gun firing skyward, officer scanning sky with telescope. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of gun fighter biplane airborne.[Remarque: l'avion, déployé depuis peu dans le conflit, sert beaucoup aux Alliés et aux Allemands sur le front occidental.]PÉ d'un biplan du Royal Flying Corps qui atterrit. PR de l'appareil qui roule au sol en passant devant la caméra. PÉ d'une colonne de fumée s'élevant d'un appareil qui s'est écrasé dans un champ près de Boulogne. PLANS EN PL de fantassins marchant vers le front sur une route de France; un corps de cornemuseurs canadiens ouvre la marche. Séquence montrant un camion d'artillerie qui arrive et s'arrête devant la caméra; des soldats sautent à terre et prennent position autour d'un canon antiaérien monté à l'arrière. PLANS AIR-SOL d'obus éclatant dans le ciel, entrecoupés de tirs de canon aérien; un officier scrute le ciel au télescope. PLAN AIR-SOL d'un chasseur biplan en vol.
Crashing Military Step Marching Walking Shooting (Weapon) Landing (Flying)
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France Western Europe Europe (Continent)
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Royal Flying Corps British Air Force Air Force Army (Military) Canadian Scottish Regiment Canadian Military Highland Band Music Group Music Culture Military Truck Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Military Organization Aerial Defense Cannon Cannon Piece of Artillery Artillery (Weapon) Firearm Weapon Military Band Music Ensemble Double Decker (Airplane) Propeller Plane Aeroplane Aircraft Aeroplane Crash Transport Disaster Catastrophe Highlights1511 Brass Band Cloud of Smoke Smoke Aerial Warfare War Conflict Political Event Politics Truck (American Truck) Lorry Commercial Vehicle First World War British Military Accident Synchronously Warfare Equipment Allied Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Troop Military Unit Warplane Military Aircraft Historic Event Organization (Association) Historical Footage People Living Being Stock Footage
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Shot on Film NFB Outdoor Shot

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