Rise of the Berlin Wall / Cold War / Germany / 1961

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EAST BERLINERS JUMP TO FREEDOM: As the Communist barrier between East and West Berlin grows higher and stronger; the more determined grows the will of East Berliners to escape. Universal-International cameramen record a remarkable document of the escape of East Berliners despite harassment by East German troops. While attention is diverted; people cut holes in the barbed wire and escape; others drop from fifth floor windows into fire nets - anything for a taste of freedom.
Clip theme
Fire Fighter Reporter Journalist Photographer Policeman
Dazzling Getting Stuck Rise of the Berlin Wall Raising A Wall Building (Constructing) Catching (Intercept) Holding On Holding Escaping Creeping Throwing Waving (Beckoning) Jumping Running
Recording location
West Berlin Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Teargas Grenade Grenade Weapon Bernauer Straße Street Teargas Water Cannon Commercial Vehicle Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Border Troops of the GDR Border Patrol Police Death Strip Border Strip National Border Politics National People's Army Army (Military) Barb Wire Fence Fence Pistol (Weapon) Handgun Firearm Barbed Wire Berlin Wall Wall (Architecture) Division of Germany Cold War Political Event Inner German Border Police Uniform Uniform Clothes Grandmother Family Construction Crane Crane (Machine) Fire Brigade Emergency Services Mirror Injury Water Jet Water (Liquid) Engineering Vehicle Machine Historic Event Window (Architecture) Crowd Group of People Group Metropolis (City) Large City City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being Man (Human) Male (Human) Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Outdoor Shot

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