North America / Canada / Ground / 1897-1905

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[Title: Driving cattle to pasture (Thomas A Edison, 1904)]: shots of cowboys on horseback, driving cattle across prairie.[Titre: Driving Cattle to Pasture (Thomas A Edison, 1904)][Mener le bétail au pâturage]: Plans de cow-boys à cheval qui mènent le bétail dans la prairie.
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Herder Agricultural Occupation Bovid Cloven Hoofed Animal Mammal Animal Living Being Cattle (Bovini) Bos Bovine Production Animal
Herding Communicating
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Saskatchewan Canada North America America
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Collection Thomas Alva Edison Herding Livestock Farming Farm Animal Husbandry Agribusiness Turn of the Century Prairie Steppe Grassland Offenland Communication Device Communication Technology Herd Group of Animals Group Historical Footage People Stock Footage Film Audiovisual Culture
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Shot on Film NFB Outdoor Shot
Bovidae Artiodactyla Mammalia Bovini Bos Bovinae

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