Warplane / Volleyball / London / 1943

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Interior shot of tent during briefing by Wing Commander Dal Russell. Various shots of men listening. Shot of men getting pep talk by their squadron leader on field. HAS of Mark V Spitfires, of pilot climbing in assisted by ground crewman. LASs of props beginning to turn, revving, of Spitfires moving, taxiing and taking off as ground crewmen watch. GROUND TO AIR shot of Spitfires airborne. Shots of operations room in London, many women at work, intercut with shots of aircraft in the air. Back on the base, pilots play volleyball as they wait for call to the planes. HAS of Spitfire taxiing past the camera, being guided to its dispersal base. LAS of props stopping, pilots getting out of planes. Shot of Dal Russell jumping off the aircraft, walking towards the camera. Ground crews get to work on planes. Several shots of ground crews refuelling planes, refilling machine gun drums, checking engines, cleaning guns, testing engine.Plan filmé à l'intérieur d'une tente au cours d'un briefing donné par le lieutenant-colonel d'aviation Dal Russell. Divers plans des aviateurs qui écoutent. Plan des aviateurs qui reçoivent des encouragements de leur chef d'escadrille sur le terrain. P en PL de chasseurs Spitfire Mark V, d'un pilote qui grimpe dans son appareil aidé par un membre de l'équipe au sol. Plans en CP des hélices qui démarrent et tournent à plein régime, de chasseurs Spitfire qui se mettent en branle, roulent sur la piste et décollent tandis que l'équipe au sol les observe. Plan SOL-AIR de chasseurs Spitfire en vol. Plans d'une salle de commande à Londres, plusieurs femmes au travail, entrecoupée par des plans d'un avion dans le ciel. De retour à la base, les pilotes jouent au volley-ball en attendant d'être appelés. P en PL d'un avion Spitfire qui roule sur la piste devant la caméra, que l'on guide vers son dispersal. P en CP d'hélices qui s'arrêtent, de pilotes qui sortent de leurs appareils. Plan de Dal Ru
Clip theme
Ground Personnel Airport Personnel Warplane Pilot Pilot (Airoplane) Aircrew North American American People Living Being Canadian Mechanic
Charging a Gun Military Briefing Maintenance Repairing Taking Off Starting Working
Recording location
London England Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Air force officers Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) Canadian Air Force Air Force Military Installation Volleyball Ball Sports Sports Air Force Base Military Base Canadian Military Control Room Machine Gun Rifle Long Gun Firearm Weapon Equipment Warplane Military Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Armed Historic Event Second World War War Conflict Political Event Politics Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Stock Footage
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Architecture NFB Outdoor Shot

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