FIFA World Cup / Brazil-Mexico / News Footage / Jun 18, 2014

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Starkes 0:0! Mexiko feiert, Brasilien bleibt zuversichtlich Nach einem enttäuschenden 0:0 für Gastgeber Brasilien, feiert Mexiko seine Mannschaft und hofft auf Großes bei dieser Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft. Den Achtelfinal-Einzug haben beide Teams nun selbst in der Hand.
Clip theme
Guillermo Ochoa Mexican Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter Brazilian Fan Goalkeeper Sportsman Sports Football Fan Football Player (Soccer) Professional (Sports)
Interview (Media) Speaking Communicating Applauding Clapping Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Singing Spectating Looking Sensory Perception
Recording location
Mexico City Mexico North America America Brazil South America Latin America
Further content information
SID Brazil-Mexico International Match Sombrero Hat Headgear Preliminary Round Sports Event Decorated Toy Trumpet Brazilian Flag National Flag Flag Jumbotron Large Screen Projection Screen Production Engineering Disappointment Feeling Wig FIFA Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) Stopping a Ball Face Painting WC 2014 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Soccer Tournament Tournament Goal (Scoring Area) Fan Clothes Clothes Sadness Feeling Decoration (Adornment) Public Viewing Event (Cultural) Photography Culture National Team Team Sport Football Match (Soccer) Football (Sport) Ball Sports Professional Football Image Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Success Feeling Team Group of People Group Boy Male (Human) People Living Being Child Joy Feeling Capital City Historical Footage News Footage Man (Human)

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