Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team / Football / News Footage / Jun 13, 2014

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St. Louis: Fangemeinde feiert Bosniens WM-Premiere Jubelnde bosnische Fußballfans – und das mitten in den USA. In St. Louis herrschte für die bosnische Nationalmannschaft beim WM-Vorbereitungsspiel gegen die Elfenbeinküste Heimspielatmosphäre. Auch bei der WM wollen die Fans jubeln.
Clip theme
Bosnian Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter Vedad Ibisević Edin Dzeko Football Fan Football Player (Soccer) Sportsman Sports Professional (Sports)
Goal Celebration Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Applauding Clapping Embracing Body Contact Partying Preparing (Getting Ready) Running Playing
Recording location
St. Louis Missouri Midwest USA North America America Bosnia-Herzegovina Balkan Peninsula Eastern Europe Europe (Continent) Brazil South America Latin America
Further content information
SID Bosnia and Herzegovina-Ivory Coast International Match Fan Shop Shop Commerce Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team National Team Team Sport Merchandising (Product) Running Exercise Sports Training Memorabilia FIFA Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) WC 2014 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Sports Event Soccer Tournament Tournament Scored Goal Scoring Shot at Goal Shooting (Sports) Goal (Scoring Area) Pass (Sport) Tricot Sportswear Clothes Soccer Ball Ball (Object) Football Match (Soccer) Football (Sport) Ball Sports Professional Football Logo Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Event (Cultural) Hat Headgear Audience (People) Group of People Group Historical Footage News Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) People Living Being

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