D-Day / Warplane / Normandy / 1943

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Sequence on invasion day, soldiers in landing craft beachhead on Normandy coast, vehicles being unloaded from transport landing crafts, including GROUND TO AIR SHOT of squadron of Spitfires airborne overhead (06_06_44). Shots of visit by Winston Churchill and General Montgomery, of visit by Montgomery alone at army detachments.Séquence de la journée du débarquement; on voit des soldats qui débarquent de péniches sur une tête de pont en Normandie, des véhicules qui sortentdes péniches de débarquement, incluant PLAN SOL-AIR d'un escadron de chasseurs Spitfire en vol (06_06_44). Plans de Winston Churchill et du général Montgomery qui rendent visite à des détachements de l'armée, puis de Montgomery qui effectue seul une telle visite.
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Bernard Montgomery People Living Being North American American Winston Churchill Canadian Prime Minister Politician Politics Personality
Invasion Visit
Recording location
Normandy (France) France Western Europe Europe (Continent)
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Pharyngeal Supermarine Spitfire Fighter Aircraft Bomber Warplane Military Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Landing Boat Landing Craft Warship Ship Watercraft D-Day Operation Neptune Operation Overlord Second World War War Conflict Political Event Military Installation Canadian Army Army (Ground Forces) Army (Military) Cigar Tobacco Product Canadian Military General Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel English Channel Atlantic Ocean Ocean Sea (Landscape) Body of Water Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Tradition Traditional Culture Culture Beach Historical Footage Stock Footage
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Architecture NFB Outdoor Shot

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