Olympic Games / Rome / Italy / Sep 5, 1960

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1960 (September); Rome; Italy: Cassius M. Clay [Muhammad Ali] . US Army personnel in Olympic games; Rome; Italy. Edward Crook (US Army); Cassius M. Clay [Muhammad Ali] and Wilbert J. McClure; all gold medal winners.  Their coach Jules Menendez joins them.
Clip theme
Shooter Edward Crook Wilbert McClure Muhammad Ali Boxer (Athelete) Sportsman Sports Amateur (Sports) American Fan (Admirer) Supporter Personality Professional (Sports)
Backslapping Presentation Ceremony Signing Writing Congratulating Winning Handshake Posing Looking At Looking Sensory Perception Smiling Mimic
Recording location
Rome Lazio (Italy) Central Italy Italy Southern Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Jules Menendez Coach (Sport) Cruiserweight Weight Class Martial Arts Olympic Games 1960 Olympic Games Sports Event Middleweight Shooting Sport American National Team National Team Team Sport Olympic Medal Medal (Sports) Gold Medal Table (Graphic) Graphic Signature Lettering Figure (Sign) Culture Autograph Pistol (Weapon) Handgun Firearm Weapon Group Photo Photography Result Summer Olympics Bouquet Flower Plant Living Being Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Event (Cultural) Success Feeling Team Group of People Group Joy Feeling Capital City Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) People Day Display Panel Display (Electronic)
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Shot on Film Vertical Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Sequence Horizontal Pan Low Angle Shot Medium Shot Full Shot Long Shot Lockdown Eye Level

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