North America / Canada / Historic Event / 1897-1909

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[Title: Bucking broncos (Thomas A Edison, 1904)]: rodeo held in Saskatchewan, cowboy has little trouble with bronco who seems unwilling to "buck".[Titre: Bucking Broncos (Thomas A Edison, 1904)][Des chevaux qui ruent]: rodéo en Saskatchewan, un cow-boy semble avoir des difficultés à faire ruer un cheval sauvage.
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Herder Agricultural Occupation Horse Solid-hoofed Animal Mammal Animal Living Being Production Animal
Broncobusting Riding (Horse) Herding Communicating
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Saskatchewan Canada North America America
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Collection Thomas Alva Edison Turn of the Century Communication Device Communication Technology Festival (Event) Event (Cultural) Historic Event Rock (Crag) Rock (Geology) Sports Historical Footage People Stock Footage Film Audiovisual Culture
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Shot on Film NFB
Equus Mammalia

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