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England / Swastika / British Air Force / 1943

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Stock Video Description
[Title: Wasp Wings]Shot of a Spitfire fighter plane taxiing towards and past the camera on steel tarmac, stopping. Several airmen pose with a German Swastika, the portraits of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring. PAN of pilots in flying togs posing in front of Spitfire. MCS of pilot in cockpit, putting on safety belt. MSs of Buzz Beurling in an office, of Dal Russel and another pilot; Wendel McNair; LV Chadburn and friend, all posing in front of an aircraft. Shot of group of pilots in front of Spitfire. Sequence scrolling names of squadrons and military airplanes.[Titre: Wasp Wings]Plan d'un chasseur Spitfire qui roule sur une piste en acier vers et devant la caméra, puis s'immobilise. Plusieurs aviateurs posent avec une croix gammée, on voit les portraits de Adolf Hitler et Hermann Göring. PAN sur des pilotes en tenue de vol qui posent devant un chasseur Spitfire. PMM d'un pilot dans un poste de pilotage, ajustant sa ceinture de sécurité. Plans PM de Buzz Beurling dans un bureau, de Dal Russel en compagnie d'un autre pilote, de Wendel McNair, de LV Chadburn et d'un ami; tous posent en face d'un avion. Plan de groupe des pilotes réunis devant un chasseur Spitfire. Séquence où on voit des noms d'escadrons et d'avions militaires défiler.
Clip theme
Warplane Pilot Pilot (Airoplane) Aircrew
Recording location
England Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
Supermarine Spitfire Fighter Aircraft Bomber Warplane Military Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Canadian Air Force Air Force Army (Military) British Air Force Military Installation Air Force Base Military Base Film Production (Filming) Film Audiovisual Culture Canadian Military Swastika Nazi Symbols Symbol Figure (Sign) British Military Military Plane Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Second World War War Conflict Political Event Politics Military Personnel Historical Footage Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Architecture NFB Computer Animation Animation

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