A is for Atom / Informational Film / Animation / 1952

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Abspann: Film aus dem Jahr 1952
Clip theme
Warrior Healer Medical Profession Mechanic Farmer Agricultural Occupation
Chain Reaction Chemical Reaction Radiation Measurement Experiment Explosion Controlling Flying (Flight) Driving (Procedure) Starting Off
Recording location
Solar System Space Orbit Earth (Planet) Planet Celestial Body
Further content information
A is for Atom Film Audiovisual Culture Neptunium Plutonium Informational Film Film Genre Neutron Chemistry Isotope Periodic Table Proton Radium Nitrogen Graphite Mineral Nuclear Fission Nuclear Physics Physics Tin (Metal) Heavy Metal (Metal) Metal Metallurgy Educational Film Geiger Counter Measurement Engineering Gravitation Energy (Physics) Yankee Stadium Baseball Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities Sports Electron Baseball (Ball) Ball (Object) Uranium Dynamite Explosives Atom Model Atomic Structure Atom Hydrogen Aluminium Atomic Bomb Nuclear Weapon NBC Weapon Weapon of Mass Destruction Weapon Chemical Laboratory Laboratory Atomic Reactor Reactor Atomic Energy Energy Production Diagnostics Diagnosis Medicine Oxygen Biochemistry Cartoon (Film) Atomic Power Plant Power Station Radioactivity Fictional Character Fictional Being Submarine Ship Watercraft Vehicle Plan Research Facilities Gold (Precious Metal) Precious Metal Researcher Scientist Academic (Scientist) Power Pole Electricity (Energy) Graphic Propulsion Technology Current Supply Power Supply Heat (Concept) Research (Science) Biology Factory Industry War Conflict Political Event Politics Rail (Railway) Land Vehicle Aeroplane Aircraft Head (Anatomy) Agribusiness Historical Footage City People Living Being Stock Footage Plant
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Animation Sequence

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