German Africa Corps / North Africa / 1941 - 1942

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1941: NORTH AFRICA: Anti-Aircraft alarm; Anti-Aircraft fire against English planes laying a bomb carpet. The English deliberately burn the dwellings. English plane brought down.
Clip theme
Hans Seidemann Ugo Cavallero Albert Kesselring Erwin Rommel Berber Ethnic Group Doctor Medical Staff Medical Profession
Carpet Bombing Bombarding Search For Clues Searching Bargaining Nursing Sneaking Up Defending Crashing Stopping Analysing Analysis Air Attack Attack (Raid) Measuring Hand Raised Hand Sign Gesticulating Body Language Explosion Shooting (Weapon) Handshake Discussing Speaking Communicating Greeting Conversing Observing Looking Sensory Perception Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking
Recording location
North Africa Africa
Further content information
Patrol (Military) Troop Military Unit Army (Military) Air Raid warning Alarm German Africa Corps Wehrmacht German Military Sand Bag Sack (Container) Air Raid Defenses Aerial Defense Cannon Cannon Piece of Artillery Artillery (Weapon) Firearm Weapon Trench British Air Force Air Force Skidmark Track (Trail) Italian Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Telescope Optical Device Headquarters Building (Edifice) Italian Military Veil British Military General Officer (Millitary) Traditional Architecture Topless Half Dressed Bomber Warplane Military Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Warfare War Conflict Political Event Politics German Soldier Off-road Vehicle Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Military Plane Armed National Socialism Fascism 3rd Reich German Reich Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Second World War National Costume Village Headgear Desert Sand Landscape Offenland Child People Living Being House Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) No People Day
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) High Angle Shot Long Shot Outdoor Shot

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