World Championship / Italy / 1934

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Giuseppe Meazza Vittorio Pozzo Benito Mussolini Professional Footballer Professional (Sports) Sportsman Sports Football Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter Football Player (Soccer) Personality Politician Politics
Alloting Deceiving Presentation Ceremony Hitler Salute Greeting Communicating Winning Giving Applauding Clapping Waving (Sway) Posing Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Gesticulating Spectating Looking Sensory Perception Partying Holding Running Observing Playing
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Rome Lazio (Italy) Central Italy Italy Southern Europe Europe (Continent)
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Stadio Nazionale del PNF Football Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities WC 1934 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Sports Event Italy-Czechoslovakia International Match Jules Rimet Trophy Intercontinental Cup Cup (Trophy) Trophy Feinting Trick (Sport) Czech National Team National Team Team Sport World Cup Final Final (Sports) Tournament Italian National Team Kickoff (Soccer) Diving Save Stopping a Ball Football Manager Coach (Sport) Scored Goal Scoring Shot at Goal Shooting (Sports) Offensive Action Dictator Head of State Goal (Scoring Area) Referee (Sports) Pass (Sport) Historical Clothing Clothes Poster Advertising Material Advertisement Culture Football Field Playing Field Reenactment Soccer Ball Ball (Object) Patriotism Football Match (Soccer) Football (Sport) Ball Sports Professional Football Enthusiasm Feeling Costume (Clothes) Logo Success Feeling Over 15 (Quantity) National Flag Flag Lettering Figure (Sign) Audience (People) Group of People Group Crowd Tree (Plant) Plant Living Being Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) People Adult Day Stock Footage
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