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Candian Pavillion / Expo 1967 / Canada /

Keyframe view
Stock Video Description
Shot of Katimavik, Canadian flag, people lining railing at very top of inverted pyramid. MLS of Canadian Pavilion. LAS of pavilion, sculpture with gas-fed flames in foreground. Sequence on children playing in nursery of Canadian Pavilion complex. ZOOM OUT from radio-controlled ship model on pond at rear of pavilion to include spectators, Katimavik in background. HAS of realistic model of icebreaker moored to pier, fake ice floating by astern. FOLLOW SHOT of remote-controlled icebreaker breaking up ice jam, ducks in foreground. LS of Katimavik, ZOOM IN boat in pond, icebreaker freeing model of lake freighter from clutch of face ice. Shot of rock mosaic map of Canada. Interior shot of inverted pyramid of Katimavik from walkway. MS of People Tree. Shots of group of Canadian Pavilion hostesses walking by camera, Katimavik in background, posing by railing, Montreal visible in distance. MS of Uki, a steel dragon, sticking out of water behind Katimavik, Viking ship moving by in background. Sequence on flag detail marching in, hoisting Canadian flag. LAS of flag rising, ZOOM OUT to include soldiers, Canadian Pavilion. Shot of People Tree, province flags, Katimavik, soldiers. Sequence on soldiers preparing cannon, firing it, spectators looking on. Shot of coat of arms on Canadian Pavilion. (00/07/1967)
Clip theme
Curious Onlooker
Military Step Marching Walking Shooting (Weapon) Applauding Clapping Spectating Looking Sensory Perception
Recording location
Montreal (Canada) Québec (Province) Canada North America America
Further content information
Candian Pavillion Expo Pavilion Pavilion Building (Edifice) Canadian Centennial Anniversary Day of Commemoration Expo 1967 World's Fair Exhibition Event (Cultural) Canadian Flag National Flag Flag Canadian Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Latin (Language) Lettering Figure (Sign) Culture Coat of Arms Political Symbol Politics Slogan Written Text Cannon Piece of Artillery Artillery (Weapon) Firearm Weapon Historical Clothing Clothes Troop Military Unit Curiosity Military Uniform Uniform Modern Architecture Audience (People) Group of People Group Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Sequence

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