William of England / Kate Middleton / University of St Andrews / Scotland / 2011

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Mar 6, 2011
Archival Footage

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St Andrews, the town where royal romance bloomed The wedding of Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton is set to be one of the biggest public events of the year, with millions tuning in in Britain and around the world. But when the couple met almost ten years ago, it was far away from the media's gaze, in the Scottish seaside town of St Andrews. The couple recently returned there to help their former university launch its six-hundredth anniversary celebrations. A natural sound version of an AFPTV report.

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Chancellor (University) People Menzies Campbell Kate Middleton Professor Faculty Member Teacher Student (University) Celebrity Woman Man (Human) Adult


Visit Event (Cultural) Speaking Communicating

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St. Andrews Fife Scotland Great Britain Western Europe Europe (Continent)

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Louise Richardson Political Scientist Humanist Scientist Academic (Scientist) 600th Anniversary Jubilee Anniversary University of St Andrews University Institution of Higher Education Education William of England Prince Monarchy Politics Coat of Arms Political Symbol Robe (Gown) Working Clothes Clothes British Monarchy Royal House Lectern Celebration (Event) Microphone Group of People Group Historical Footage News Footage AFP Day Stock Footage

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Sequence Special Visualisation Outdoor Shot
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