Kennedy Space Center / John F. Kennedy / USA / 1963

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1963: USA; Cape Canaveral; Florida: Film highlights events at the Cape (Cape Kennedy; Kennedy Space Center) during 1963 including missile launches; both successful and malfunctions. Scenes of arrival of Pres. John F. Kennedy by VC-137C and tour of Cape on 16 November 1963--Sequence showing Pres. Kennedy boarding USMC VH-3A; helicopter taking off; landing on USS OBSERVATION ISLAND; Pres. Kennedy; wearing sailor jacket; meeting commander of ship; observing Polaris AMR test No. 7678 from USS ANDREW JACKSON submarine on 16 November 1963; and Pres. Kennedy giving short congratulatory speech.

Clip theme

James Edwin Webb People Living Being Kurt Heinrich Debus Wernher von Braun Flight Pioneer Pioneer (Human) Marshaller (Air Controller) Air Traffic Controller John F. Kennedy Politician Politics US President President of the State President (Politics) Cameraman Personality Man (Human)


Boarding (Aeroplane) Getting in Ignition (Vehicle) Saying Goodbye Communicating Interactivity Rocket Launch Saluting Visiting (Looking Around) Filming Waving (Sway) Speech Handshake Posing Visit Taking Off Starting Controlling Landing (Flying) Preparing (Getting Ready) Observing Looking Sensory Perception Flying (Flight) Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking

Recording location

Satellite (Artificial) Space Cape Canaveral Merritt Island Florida East Coast (USA) USA North America America

Further content information

Atlas A Atlas (Rocket) Astronautics Centaur (Rocket Stage) Rocket Stage Harry James Sands Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) USS Observation Island (AG-154) Ship Watercraft Leighton Ira Davis Thor-Delta USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619) Nuclear Submarine Submarine UGM-27 Polaris Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Weapon Gordon Cooper Spaceman Virgil Grissom Saturn I (Rocket) Saturn Rocket Launch Vehicle Half-staff Flag Air Force One Type of Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Democratic Party Left-Wing Party Party (Politics) Political Institution Funeral Service Celebration (Event) Event (Cultural) Kennedy Space Center Spaceport Rocket Launch Pad Launch Pad Military Helicopter Helicopter Type Helicopter (Aircraft) Grief Feeling Spyglass Optical Device American Navy Navy Cabriolet Car United States Air Force Air Force Project Apollo Space Race Space Program American Flag National Flag NASA Space Agency Microphone American Soldier Soldier Head of State Sunglasses Eyeglasses Progress (Milestone) Spotlight Lighting Technology US Army Midair Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Camera Communication Technology Night Group of People Group Historical Footage No People Day Ocean Sea (Landscape) Body of Water

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Shot on Film Sequence Special Visualisation Pan (Camera Movement) Medium Shot Full Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
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