Personality / USA / 1897 - 1939

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William Borah People Living Being Andrew Carnegie William Frederick Cody Lillian Russell Garfield Wood William Jennings Bryan William McKinley Wilbur Wright Wright Brothers Flight Pioneer Pioneer (Human) John J. Pershing Philippe Pétain Orville Wright Servant Domestic Servant Theodore Roosevelt Inventor Film Star Actor Artist Pilot (Airoplane) Aircrew Actress Singer (Musician) Musician Working Dog Dog Canidae Mammal Animal President of the State President (Politics) Politician Politics Celebrity Personality Pet (Animal) Service Occupation Sportsman Sports
Trying to Fly Inauguration (Induction) Saluting Military Step Marching Walking Getting in Getting Off Mishap Speech Communicating Handshake Posing Visit Gesticulating Body Language Greeting Singing Riding (Horse) Laughing Mimic
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West Point Hudson Valley Upstate New York New York State East Coast (USA) USA North America America Le Mans Pays-de-la-Loire France Western Europe Europe (Continent) Washington (City) District of Columbia Russia (Europe) Eastern Europe New York City
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1897 1890-1899 19th Century Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova Princess Monarchy Maria Nikolaevna Romanova Olga Nikolaevna Romanova Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanova Harlem River River Body of Water Wilhelm of Prussia Prince Franz Joseph I of Austria Emperor (Monarch) Monarch (Monarchy) Alix of Hesse and by Rhine Tsaritsa Czar's Family Tsardom Nicholas II of Russia Tsar Military Academy Military School School Education William II of Germany German Empire German Reich Piked Helmet Headgear Wardrobe (Cloakroom) Furniture Speedboat Race Boat Motorboat Boat Watercraft Vehicle French Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) Bishop Ecclesiastic Religion Culture Double Decker (Airplane) Propeller Plane Aeroplane Aircraft French Military Aviation History State Ceremony Political Institution Turn of the Century Priest (Christianity) Priest Cabriolet Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle General Officer (Millitary) Coach (Carriage) Horse-Drawn Cart Harnessed Team Traditional Means of Transport Synchronously Tram Rail (Railway) German Soldier Tribune German Military Courage American Soldier Head of State Competition (Concept) Progress (Milestone) Wife Woman Female (Human) Flame Fire (Flame) Costume (Clothes) Clothes Parents Family US Army Public Transport Traffic Speed Helmet Headguard Vintage Car Daughter Rail Vehicle Father Mother 6-15 (Quantity) Audience (People) Group of People Group Music Crowd 3-5 (Quantity) Bridge (Architecture) Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City City Capital City Group of Animals 2 (Quantity) Historical Footage Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Sunshine Weather Day Stock Footage Film Audiovisual
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Horizontal Pan Pan (Camera Movement) Indoor Shot High Angle Shot Full Shot Lockdown Eye Level Outdoor Shot
Canis Lupus Familiaris Canoidea Mammalia

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