World Championship / Mexico / 1986

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Abdelkarim Krimau Abderrazad Khairi Alemao Andoni Goikoetxea Andreas Brehme Antonio Alzamendi Branco Bruno Bellone Careca Carlos Manuel Dieter Hoeneß Edinho Emilio Butragueno Enzo Francescoli Fernando Quirarte Gary Lineker Hugo Sanchez Igor Belanov Ivan Yaremchuk Jan Ceulemans Jean-Marc Ferreri Jean-Pierre Papin Jesper Olsen Joel Bats Jorge Burruchaga Jorge Valdano Jose Brown Josimar Klaus Allofs Manuel Diamantino Michael Laudrup Nasko Sirakov Nico Claesen Park Chang-Sun Pavel Yakovenko Preben Elkjaer-Larsen Sergei Aleinikov Sergei Rodionov Stephane Demol Sören Lerby Vasyl Rats Vincenzo Scifo Yannick Stopyra Andoni Zubizarreta Jean-Marie Pfaff Rudi Völler Alessandro Altobelli Bernard Genghini Erwin Vandenbergh Manuel Amoros Julio Cesar Sócrates Harald Schumacher Michel Platini Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Zico Diego Maradona Captain (Nautical) Goalkeeper Sportsman Sports Indian (American) Ethnic Group Professional Footballer Professional (Sports) Football Player (Soccer) Fan (Admirer) Supporter Personality Politician Politics
End of Game Playing Dance of Joy Dance Holding Up Start of Play Handing Over Giving Presentation Ceremony Kneeing Leg Movement Smog Air Pollution Environmental Pollution Falling Down (Topple) Falling (Procedure) Mishap Kissing Body Contact Waving (Sway) Handshake Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Embracing Discussing Speaking Communicating Partying Carrying Jumping Running
Recording location
Irapuato Guanajuato Mexico North America America Nezahualcoyotl Mexiko (State) Queretaro León (Spain) Castile and León Spain Southern Europe Europe (Continent) Puebla (Mexico) Monterrey Nuevo León Guadalajara Jalisco Chichen Itza Yucatán Mexico City Eastern Bloc Eastern Europe Latin America
Description of individuals depicted
American Indian Ethnicity Middle Eastern Ethnicity Hispanic Ethnicity Asian Ethnicity African Ethnicity Caucasian Ethnicity
Further content information
Argentina-South Korea International Match Belgium-Mexico Brazil-Algeria Bulgaria-Italy Denmark-Spain Denmark-Uruguay Angel of Independence Monument Estadio 3 de Marzo Football Stadium Stadium Sports Facilities Estadio Cuauhtemoc Estadio La Corregidora Estadio León Estadio Neza 86 Estadio Olimpico 68 Estadio Revolucion Estadio Tecnologico Wrong Decision France-USSR Hand of God Goal Football (Sport) Ball Sports Moroccan National Team National Team Team Sport Northern Irish National Team Northern Ireland-Brazil Portugal-England Portugal-Morocco USSR-Belgium USSR-Hungary WC 1986 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Sports Event Luis Fernandez Football Manager Coach (Sport) Solo (Sport) South Korean National Team Goal Line Belgium-France Brazil-France Estadio Azteca Estadio Jalisco Paseo de la Reforma Street Missed Penalty Penalty Kick Dansih National Team Spain-Brazil Argentina-Germany Argentina-England Brazil-Poland Bulgarian National Team Uruguayan Flag National Flag Flag Argentina-Belgium Back Pass Algerian National Team Saving a Penalty Stopping a Ball Mexican National Team Final Whistle Extra Time Germany-France Handball (Football) Playing for Third Place Tournament Crossbar Kick Shooting (Sports) Lifting Kick USSR National Team Russian National Team FIFA World Cup Trophy Intercontinental Cup Cup (Trophy) Trophy Maya Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Culture National Culture Culture Belgian National Team Heel Trick Football-Trick Football Skill Polish National Team El Castillo (Chichén Itzá) Pyramid (Architecture) Portuguese Flag Bar Kick Uruguayan National Team Whistle (Kick-Off) Crossbar Volley (Soccer) Bad Pass Pass (Sport) Wall (Football) One-Two Pass Portuguese National Team Misplaying Missed Goal Goal Chance Sombrero Hat Headgear Belgian Flag Linesman (Referee) Referee Assistant Referee (Sports) Distance Kick Throw-in Last Sixteen Counterattack Quater Final Spanish Flag Angel of Peace Corner Kick Standard Situation Move (Sport) English National Team Combination Preliminary Round Semi Final Brazilian National Team Hoe Tool World Cup Final Final (Sports) Mascot (Lucky Charm) Fictional Character Fictional Being DFB Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) Free Kick Argentine National Team Italian National Team Flank Crosskick Danish Flag Saxophone Brass Instrument Wind Instrument Musical Instrument Music Stake (Pole) Kickoff (Soccer) Germany National Football Team German National Team Penalty Area Playing Field Brazilian Flag Confetti Opening Ceremony Event (Cultural) Diving Save Foul Rule Breach French National Team Header (Football) Spanish National Team Highlights1511 Dribbling (Sport) Angel Creature Blooper Scored Goal Scoring Shot at Goal Hungarian National Team Offensive Action Somersault (Jumping) Figure (Sport) Goal (Scoring Area) German Flag Gold (Precious Metal) Precious Metal Metal Drum Percussion Instrument New Seven Wonders of the World Olympic Stadium Football Field Foot (Human) Graphic Tribune Photography Soccer Ball Ball (Object) Patriotism Football Match (Soccer) Professional Football Historic Event Dress Clothes Enthusiasm Feeling Multi-ethnic Costume (Clothes) Logo Image Column Funny Vintage Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Vehicle Place of Worship Religion Success Feeling Over 15 (Quantity) Statue Sculpture (Object) Sculpture (Art) Art Suit National Costume Folklore Tradition Traditional Culture Lettering Figure (Sign) Audience (People) Group of People Group Crowd City Traffic Road Traffic Traffic Political Event Building Exterior High-rise Building (Edifice) Landmark (Sights) Sights Shadow Joy Feeling Car Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being City Man (Human) Male (Human) Adult Day Stock Footage
Camera settings used in this stock video
Shot on Film Architecture Animation Sequence Slowmotion Helicopter (Aerial) Aerial Indoor Shot Outdoor Shot

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