FIFA World Cup / Germany / World Champion / Fan / News Footage / Jul 14, 2014

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Stock Video Description
Endlich Weltmeister! Deutsche jubeln überall auf der Welt Endlich Weltmeister: Die Freude nach Mario Götzes 1:0-Siegtreffer im WM-Finale löste bei den deutschen Fans grenzenlosen Jubel aus. Der vierte WM-Titel für Deutschland - viele Anhänger konnten es gar nicht glauben.
Clip theme
World Champion Sportsman Sports German Fan Fan (Admirer) Supporter German (Person) European
Dance of Joy Dance End Shouting Calling Communicating Waving (Somebody Waving a Flag) Hopping Jumping Winning Interview (Media) Speaking Cheering (Jubilating) Body Language Glowing Partying
Recording location
Pähl Upper Bavaria Bavaria (State) Southern Germany Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent) Rio de Janeiro (City) Rio de Janeiro (State) Brazil South America America Afghanistan Central Asia Asia Berlin (City) Latin America
Description of individuals depicted
Dark-Skinned Skin Coulour African Ethnicity
Further content information
SID Fly Swatter Banyon Fireworks Pyrotechnics Highlights1608 World Cup Final Final (Sports) Tournament Sports Event DFB Football Association Sports Association Organization (Association) Germany National Football Team German National Team National Team Team Sport Fan Fest Soccer Tournament Eccentric (Behavior) WC 2014 FIFA World Cup World Championship Championship Foolish Fireworks Event (Cultural) German Flag National Flag Flag King (Monarchy) Monarch (Monarchy) Monarchy Politics Hilarious Feeling Costumes German Soldier Soldier Military Personnel Army (Military) German Military Bizarre Trash & Style Enthusiasm Feeling Flame Fire (Flame) Funny Competition (Event) Contest (Event) Team Group of People Group Football (Sport) Ball Sports Crowd Night Joy Feeling Megacity Metropolis (City) Large City City Capital City Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) People Living Being News Footage Man (Human) Male (Human)

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