Berlin Airlift / Berlin Blockade / 1948

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Operation Vittles; Berlin Airlift; Coal; flour; medical suppllies; milk are flown into the city

Clip theme

Brian Courtney Yarde People Living Being United States Secretary of the Air Force Civil Servant Stuart Symington Secretary of State Louise Schroeder Politician Politics Chocolate Bar Chocolate (Sweet) Sweet (Food) Food (Nutrition) Food (Food & Liquids) Regierender Bürgermeister Mayor Traffic Policeman Policeman Boxer (Athelete) Sportsman Mechanic Fire Fighter Pilot (Airoplane) Aircrew Toddler Child Baby Personality Professional (Sports) Worker (Human) Boy Girl Woman Man (Human) Adult


Saving Electricity Energy Saving Strike Through Rationing Berlin Airlift Airlift Identity Check Controlling Blockade Disagreement Interactivity Braking Stopping Keeping Watch Looking Sensory Perception Thanking Turning Off (Procedure) Gathering (Assembly) Dropping (From the Air) Food Supply Providing Discharging (Unloading) Reconstruction (Rebuilding) Crashing Maintenance Nibbling Eating (Human) Consuming Extinguishing Firefighting Repairing Shipment Loading Medical Examination (Medicine) Examination (Science) Taxiing Planning Break Meeting (Organized Gathering) Logistics Handshake Burning Waiting Taking Off Starting Greeting Communicating Purchasing Buying Landing (Flying) Showing Carrying Transport Flying (Flight) Speaking Working Driving (Procedure) Starting Off Walking

Recording location

Zehlendorf Steglitz-Zehlendorf Berlin (City) Germany Europe (Continent) Schöneberg Tempelhof-Schöneberg Tempelhof Charlottenburg Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf West Berlin Washington (City) District of Columbia USA North America America Hessen Munich Upper Bavaria Bavaria (State) Southern Germany

Further content information

William H. Tunner General Officer (Millitary) Military Personnel Army (Military) EATS Organization (Association) Hoyt S. Vandenberg Tram Depot Railway Depot Locomotive Depot Railway Facility Air Corridor Air Transport Traffic Milk Kitchen Kitchen Shoe Factory Factory Industry Großer Wannsee Wannsee (Lake) Lake Body of Water You are now leaving British Sector Warning Sign Sign (Signboard) Rhein-Main Air Base Air Force Base Military Base Food Sticker Military Government Government Political Institution Lucius Clay Weathercock Weather Vane Rathaus Schöneberg Town Hall Political Building Site of the Crash Scene of the Accident Baby Ward Hospital Medicine Douglas C-54 Skymaster Type of Aircraft Aeroplane Aircraft Candy Bomber Natural Gas You are Leaving the American Sector Railway Control System Pentagon Building (Edifice) Berlin Blockade Cold War Political Event Schedule Fire Fighting Foam Foam Waldbühne (Berlin) Open-air Stage British Occupation Zone Western Zones (Germany) Zone of Occupation Milk Bottle Bottle Douglas DC-3 Stagnancy Food Shortage American Sector Western Sector (Berlin) Soviet Occupation Zone British Sector Traffic police Police Douglas Aircraft Company Aviation Industry Wreckage (Piece of Wreck) Wreck British Air Force Air Force Electric Power Station Electricity (Energy) American Zone of Occupation Supply White House (Washington) Official Residence Government Building Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Gedächtniskirche Church Sacred Structure Aeroplane Wreckage Staff (Rod) French Soldier Soldier Headline French Military Aviation History Frauenkirche Forklift Aeroplane Crash Transport Disaster Catastrophe Highlights1511 Seaplane Olericulture Cultivation Agriculture Bed (Horticulture) Green Space News (Media) Mass Media Frankfurt International Airport Airport Take-off Runway Runway Memory (Concept) Steam Train Train (Vehicle) Railway Propeller Coal Tanker (Ship) Cargo Ship Ship Watercraft American Navy Navy Steam Locomotive Locomotive Government Quarter District City British Soldier Boxing Martial Arts Electricity (Power) Time of Occupation Cockpit (Aeroplane) British Military Wheel (Vehicle Part) Sack Market Stand Market (Place) Commerce Bouquet Flower Plant Fire Brigade Emergency Services Poster Advertising Material Advertisement Emptiness Traveling Train Concert Music Fire (Blaze) Fire (Flame) Steelwork Steel Industry Iron Industry Metal Industry Heavy Industry United States Air Force Flood Taxiway Map War Damage Damaged Postwar Period Tram Graphic G.I. American Soldier Newspaper American Flag National Flag Flag Lamp Lighting Technology Power Supply Military Plane Western Script Lettering Figure (Sign) Darkness Historic Event Bad Weather Railway Station Crowded US Army Logo Public Transport Midair Military Uniform Uniform Clothes Vintage Car Lorry Rail Vehicle Row Teamwork Cap (Hat) Headgear Place of Worship Religion Monument Ruin Lifestyle (Daily Life) Street Scene Sports Event Crowd Group of People Group City Traffic Road Traffic Silhouette Shadow Christianity World Religion Pedestrian Road User Building Exterior City View Landmark (Sights) Sights Boat Night Car Capital City Metropolis (City) Large City Leisure Time Historical Footage No People Day Stock Footage Measurement Engineering Ocean Sea (Landscape)

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Shot on Film Air to Air Aerial Animation Special Visualisation Sequence Indoor Shot Outdoor Shot
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