Tempelhof International Airport / Berlin / Germany / 1946

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1946; Germany: post-war period; post-war years; postwar. At Tempelhof; the New York-Berlin airline inaugurates first flight service since WWII.. An American plane in a hangar. Workers unload suitcases. A stairway reads Tempelhof Berlin. A flight attendant presents another woman with a copy of The New Yorker.
Clip theme
Flight Crew Crew People Living Being Stewardess Cabin Crew Aircrew Worker (Human)
Recording location
Tempelhofer Feld Tempelhof Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin (City) Germany Mid Europe Europe (Continent)
Further content information
The New Yorker Magazine Print (Print Media) Culture Tempelhof International Airport Airport Hangar Hall Postwar Period American Flag National Flag Flag Airline Aeroplane Aircraft Vehicle Car Motor Vehicle Land Vehicle Group of People Group Historical Footage Woman Female (Human) Man (Human) Male (Human) Day Stock Footage
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Shot on Film Architecture Sequence Special Visualisation Outdoor Shot

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